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Show Up Words

So many times, we start out the new year with one BIG goal.

One of the things that we can have a goal in is how we are going to carry ourselves throughout the year.

To guide us to this goal, it is important to create what we call, “Show Up Words”.


  • What are your show up words for this year?
  • How are YOU going to show up?
  • What are the things you are trying to protect?


One of our show up words for this year is “Peace”. Creating more peace, more quiet, more commitment to bringing it down a notch.

Your show up words can be things such as Kindness, Purposeful, Discipline, Teamwork, etc.


This really ties in to the reputation we want to have with our teammates, our leadership, and our guests. It guides us. It’s a word that we can have framed that says, “This is how we are going to show up this year.”

For more on this, be sure to dive into the book you should have received from us, “One Word” by Jon Gordon. It will give you tremendous background on this topic and help you turn the page on a fresh new year.

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