Professional Salon Concepts

It Is Time

to declutter your business and to declutter your mind.

I am thinking about all of the business owners that are struggling with a little bit of stress right now. Especially during the busiest quarter of their business.


One of the things you need to look forward to and what I would make a habit of every January is decluttering your business and your mind. You have to plan for it. I always like to say that we don’t miss a plane and we don’t miss a wedding because we can’t negotiate off of those dates and times. However, we negotiate off of things we want to do for our business all of the time and a lot of the time, we put ourselves second.


Decluttering is what your staff needs you to do as you prepare the future for them. They are looking to you for guidance. January is the time to purge. You are not just purging stuff, you are purging information, you are purging change and you are getting to the piles. You will feel so much better afterwards.

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