Professional Salon Concepts

Epres™ is the future of high performance hair care. Whether used at home or in the salon, Epres’ patented One-Step bond repair technology delivers professional-level consistently and superior results.

The Founder

Eric Pressly first discovered his talent for innovation while pursuing his Ph.D. in materials science, working on everything from developing life-saving pharmaceuticals to inventing the bond-building category in haircare.

Credible Science. Incredible Results.™

Powered by Pressly’s cutting-edge chemistry, Epres™ is dedicated to creating scientifically advanced haircare solutions in patented, professional-grade formulas that are easy to use, easier on the environment—and truly perform.

What Makes Epres™ Chemistry Cutting-Edge?

A thoughtful approach to drive maximum performance for all hair types with formulas that are:

Acid Free

Quat Free

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Phosphate Free

Gluten Free

Paraben Free

Phthalate Free

Preservative Free

Nut Free

Peg Free

Formaldehyde Free

Sulfate Free

Thiol Free

Fair Trade

We believe in sustainable relationships and growing salons.

The beauty industry continues to evolve, leaving many salons and stylists behind. At Professional Salon Concepts, we partner with you to make sure you are equipped with industry leading products, state of the art education and legendary business coaching.

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