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Passionately committed to nourishing healthy relationships with beauty professionals across North America. milk_shake pro® offers a full range of professional hair care products and services designed to celebrate natural beauty.


Beauty pros are at the heart of everything that milk_shake pro® does. From education down to product development, their goal is always to better support salon professionals. They value the expertise and opinions of their family of stylists and salons, and make it a priority to listen. 


In order to provide the best possible support, they have partnered with a network of independent distributors across North America to carry their products. Together, Professional Salon Concepts and milk_shake pro® share a passion for supporting the evolving industry.

Milk Proteins and Fruit Extracts

milk_shake pro® believes that health is the cornerstone of beautiful hair, which is why all of their products are crafted with your hair’s health in mind.


Milk protein is one of the most nutrient rich proteins due to its complete amino acid content, contributing to hairs structure and strength. When milk proteins and fruit extracts are infused into your hair, you will notice more shine, manageability, and softness, along with an increase in body.


milk_shake pro® sources the highest quality natural ingredients to create products that are just as nutritious for your hair as they are fun to experience.


While their products typically get most of the attention, what truly sets milk_shake pro® apart is their people. They are not another faceless beauty corporation. The people working behind the brand invest time and attention into their relationships with everyone who distributes, sells, uses, and loves their products. From behind the scenes to behind the chair, those personal relationships make everything possible. concept™ USA concept was created in 1999 by Ivano Panzeri in Italy. Panzeri’s goal was to provide hair stylists with a fresh approach to achieving success, through technological advances and effective commercial and marketing strategies. In 2007, concept took on a new challenge and entered North America. In a few short years it achieved a significant presence, and the brand is now represented through 26 distributors across the US and Canada. concept™ USA is the exclusive representative of milk_shake pro® and NO INHIBITON brands in North America. These product lines are a part of the concept™ family. From shampoos and conditioners to color and lightener, these product lines offer a solution for every scalp and hair need. concept™ products make great hair easy to achieve while offering everything you need to look amazing 365 days a year; from never-fail styles to solutions for frizz, limp tresses, dull color, hair loss and more!

milk_shake pro® believes that being kind can change the world. The core of their business is haircare, and this is where their practice of kindness begins. They formulate their products to be kind on your hair, but their efforts don’t stop there.


Every year milk_shake pro® releases limited-edition products where a portion of proceeds go to charitable organizations that share their ambition to promote kindness towards people and the planet.


Over the years they have given food to those in need, supported breast cancer research, given to reforestation and wildlife organizations, and have contributed extensively to support children’s health through their Love Children initiative. Every time you buy a limited-edition release, we get a bit closer to making a positive difference.

We believe in sustainable relationships and growing salons.

The beauty industry continues to evolve, leaving many salons and stylists behind. At Professional Salon Concepts, we partner with you to make sure you are equipped with industry leading products, state of the art education and legendary business coaching.

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