Professional Salon Concepts

The Playbook

We consistently emphasize the influential role of numbers in shaping behavior, not only for service providers but also for leadership.

Leadership is tasked with two primary responsibilities: celebrating successes and promptly responding to our initiatives. Celebration is warranted when our efforts align with our objectives, while responsiveness entails taking action, seizing opportunities, and implementing ideas that steer us towards desired outcomes. This strategic approach is ingrained in our playbook, guiding our decision-making processes.


What does this playbook entail? It involves meticulous planning, such as determining the number of weeks in the upcoming year and aligning our strategies accordingly. We must be cognizant of factors like projected weekly traffic and the targets we aim to achieve. Despite the allure of immediate gains prevalent in the beauty industry, it is imperative for individuals to transcend the present and engage in forward-thinking practices. This involves diligent forecasting and goal-setting, actions that require time and effort investment. It is paramount that we dedicate ourselves to this essential task by proactively planning and strategizing for our future success.

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