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Don't Tolerate Distractions

I recently had a conversation with a salon owner about two really loyal, long-time employees. These two employees were at odds with each other. The owner told me that as long as it doesn’t come in and cause a distraction in the business, she was okay with it.

How could it not be causing distractions within her business?!


Business is hard enough when everyone is getting along and things are running smoothly. When you have people at odds, don’t think they are not going to try to build camps to prove that they are right. I don’t know that I could tolerate a distraction like that in my business.


I once had the honor of being in the presence of professional basketball player, Magic Johnson. He spoke to a crowd of around 200 and I had the opportunity to ask him a question. I asked him how he would have handled a rookie or someone that had all of the God-given talent but their ego and head got in the way.

Magic responded without hesitation, “We got rid of them as quickly as possible.”


You cannot afford to have distractions in your business. You cannot let the distraction have more presence and energy in your circle than what you are trying to accomplish. Distractions are barriers. Our job as leaders is to remove barriers that keep us from becoming what and who we want to become.

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