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Holiday 2022

As we near the end of the year, there are already great examples of preparation for the 2022 Holiday Season such as what the big box stores are doing. About 19.4% of business is conducted in the fourth quarter. It is time to begin planning, preparing, and involving all of the different areas of your salon in the process so your salon can have its best year yet.


  1. What product do you need prepared/ordered?
  2. How will you treat the different holiday offers differently?
  3. How will you setup your displays?

Timeline for Holiday; plan it out!

  • Holiday Hours
  • Celebration Nights
  • Holiday Shopping Preview
  • Gift Certificate Station/Hours


Gift certificates are becoming more and more popular as the years go on. Why not capitalize on that in you salon. Not only offer gift certificates but give back to the customer buying one. For every $100 spent, the buyer will get a $25 gift certificate for themselves. Use lower priced holiday offerings to give to the guest who is buying the certificate. Give the retail size if possible because everyone believes you get the small sizes free, despite it being untrue.


This is the time to dig in and say what could we do this year to expect a bigger return, more fun, and less stress. Capitalize on the fact that people think about beauty and beauty services during the holidays.

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