Professional Salon Concepts

The E Gap

The “e gaps” in business are simply defined as this:

What the guest expected vs what they actually experienced.

For example, if a guest expected an appointment at 3:00 but you didn’t take them in the back of the house until 3:20, that’s an “e gap”.

A few things on this opening example:

  1. How do you recover?
  2. How do you apologize in a positive way for the guest not to feel a breach of service?
  3. How many “e gaps” is your salon experiencing on a daily basis?

If we have a front desk team or a staff that is constantly apologizing, that isn’t enough. We need to make corrections to eliminate the “I’m sorrys” in business.


What we want this to be is effectively a guide to determining what your “e gaps” are.


It all begins with the customers perception, not ours. One great example is from the Ritz Carlton: there’s no elegant way to apologize for poor service or poor performance. 


So, we have to catch it when we hear it. We hear it when we hear, “I’m sorry”.


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