Professional Salon Concepts

Planning for Recruitment

What are your plans to fill vacancies on your staff?

Addressing much needed additions to your team can be a difficult process. It’s not a problem you’re facing alone. Most salons need great people to join their team. You need additions to the team to bring new energy and magic. 

Don't Wait

If you’re waiting for conditions to be perfect to hire, you’re going to be waiting a long time. There’s never a perfect time. 

Be there

It is imperative to establish yourself at the forefront of the marketplace. Be there! Be where your potential prospects are. That means establishing a presence in schools or on social media. Considering creating a Facebook or Instagram dedicated to the future team of your salon.

Understand how to interview

You have to be able to understand how to interview and how to attract someone you’re speaking to. What are the 5 things if someone were to select your salon could they expect from you?


Determine what sets you apart. How are you going to recruit if you don’t know how to talk about your business? Consider even asking what things can you expect from a potential team member. What skills and characteristics are they going to bring?

Rise above

Challenge yourself. Can you be compelling enough to stop someone and make them dream for a minute about what they could become if they joined you? You also have the right to look into their eyes and have a conversation with them about what their goals are and what they’ve done related to beauty throughout their lives.

Spend the time to discuss recruiting and developing more people in your organization. It is not tangible until it is there. Make it tangible in your mind before you start looking for it.

you need a team

Many of you have set goals for your salon and you may not have the people necessary to see those through. Your intent needs to be that you have to find people to accomplish your vision, dreams and goals. The reality is, you alone can’t cut or color every head of hair in your community. But collectively, with a team that understands your vision and training you can.

This is an ongoing process, you’re never done with recruiting, training, or inspecting to make sure you got what you expect. 

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