Professional Salon Concepts

Going Above & Beyond

Steve and I are reading a book that we absolutely love called Unreasonable Hospitality.

When we do something extra for the guest experience at PSC, some people wonder why we do the things we do. Some even say that it is not necessary to go that far above and beyond what the guest is expecting. Yes it is.


Going above and beyond is huge in keeping loyalty and keeping guests where they need to be, in your business. Doing just what is required or being generic will not help you achieve this. Every business says hello and smiles. Implementing intentional and specific steps in your business will differentiate you from the masses. “We use essential oils for this reason. We have scent air to create an environment. We do this step of the service for your pleasure and enjoyment. In our business, it is necessary to do these things”.


We start with the customer and work back to the team. We do not start with the team and work back to the customer. That is what creates remarkable service.

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