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Signature Business Seminars

Terri and Steve first presented Salon Inc. to Salon Owners in 1989. Once the Salon Owners witnessed these teachings, they immediately asked if the same information could be shared with their service providers in the salon. PSCNET was then created. Then too, First Impression was written, dedicated to the front desk staff.

These three seminars continue to be taught all over North America as well as abroad. The message is clear, business matters and salons have to be dedicated to service and business improvements just as much as to technical education.

Salon Inc.

Don’t go to work IN your business – go to work ON your business.  Take your salon business to the next level in this 2 day seminar and fall back in love with your business.  Some key topics that will be discussed:

  • Seeing what your business is currently and what it is capable of becoming
  • Keep score to produce more
  • Every decision matters
  • Mission, vision and non-negotiables
  • Push number – when you push your staff and operation beyond its means
  • Prime time in the salon
  • Salon traffic
  • Creating a repeat guest
  • Steps of the service
  • Compensation and career path



Perfect Service Creates Never Ending Traffic . Success behind the chair goes far beyond the technical.  In this 2-day seminar that was created for all service providers in the salon, the focus I on the Guest’s experience from the moment they enter the salon until the time they leave the salon.  Some key topics that will be discussed:

  • Honoring your craft as a Hairdresser
  • E Gaps – the difference between what your Guest expected and what they received
  • Building trust with your Guest
  • Steps of the service
  • WOW thinking
  • Keeping score to produce more – key numbers to be tracking on a daily basis
  • How many Guests are required in order for you to make the income you want to make
  • Rescheduling and how it guarantees your future income
  • Take Home and the effect it has on your income


First Impression

Creating  a fantastic First Impression for your salon is a must.  This seminar was created specifically for the front desk staff and inspires them to have passion for the position.  The front desk staff is the face of the business and is the first interaction when the Guest enters the salon.  In addition, the front desk is responsible with scheduling future appointments, recommending take home, maintaining a great rapport with other salon staff and overcoming any breakdowns that may arise for the Guest.  Some key topics that will be discussed:

  • Responsibilities of the front desk
  • 4 Cornerstones in the salon
  • Tracking to communicate effectively with the staff
  • Salon traffic, stylist traffic and occupancy ratio
  • Daily quality control checks
  • Rescheduling
  • Dialogue


Registration can be placed through your PSC Salon Consultant or by calling the PSC Education Department at 800-343-5289 or 815-744-3384.


With a foundation of four generations in the salon business, it's no surprise that PSC is the first beauty products distributor ever to join the prestigious ranks of Inc. 500’s list of fastest growing privately held companies. We deliver quality hair care products and offer innovative educational programs. We are recognized as leaders in the industry who not only apply sound business strategies, but also employ the imagination and creativity that keeps us on the cutting edge.