Matters Audio Series was created back in 2005 by Terri and Steve and its purpose was to create a series of recordings that featured some of the most essential business topics to coach Owners and Stylists.   Since the information can still be applied to Owners and Stylists, we have made these available ongoing on our Youtube Channel.

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What’s On It? – Matters Information
Owners Edition

Owners Edition – Mission, Vision, Non-Negotiables & Career Path Vol. 1, Session 1

Solving Salon Problems

Fighting For Your Cause

Mission – Role Playing/Dialogue

Vision – Being Consistent

Non-Negotiables – Role Playing

Career Path – Role Playing

Owners Edition – Take Home Reality Check Vol. 1, Session 2

It’s Your Job To Be Excited!

How We Got Where We Are

The Retail Store Response

From A Customers Standpoint

Strategic Alliances

Brands To Carry

The Visual Side

Sampling/Strategic SKU’s

Roll-Out/Sharing The Mission

Owners Edition – Hours of Operation/Identifying Prime Time Vol. 1, Session 3

Start At The Guest & Work Backwards

Defending Your Hours

Occupancy Ratio

What Is Prime Time?

Filling Non-Prime Time

Are You Open Too Much?

Action Plan – Role Playing/Comments

Prime Time Case Studies

Owners Edition – Embracing Technology Vol. 1, Session 4

Numbers Exist To Influence Behavior

How You’re Supported Matters

Setting Up Pricing/Services



Owners Edition – An Owners Nightmare! Vol. 1, Session 5

An Owners Hope Robbed – Walkout!

Signs of a Walkout

Walkout Action Steps

Dear Valued Client

Cementing Guest Relations

Can You Service The Guests Properly?

When You Are Most Vulnerable

Preparation And Intuition

Owners Edition – Compensation Matters Vol. 1, Session 6

Simple… But Not Easy

Compensation Types

Multi-Level Stylist Systems

(Supplemental) – Print Criteria Form

Compensation Criteria Form – Explanation

Summary – What We Would Do

Move Slowly And Methodically

Owners Edition – Marketing Matters Vol. 2, Session 1

Traditional vs. Aggressive Thinking

Case Study: Starbucks

Marketing The Salon

Cause Marketing

Case Study: The McCormack’s/Visible Changes

Marketing A New Stylist


Owners Edition – Cornerstones Matter Vol. 2, Session 2

Can’t Hit A Target You Don’t Have

Cornerstone #1 – Service

Cornerstone #2 – Product

Cornerstone #3 – Atmosphere

Cornerstone #4 – Sanitation

Owners Edition – Recruiting Matters Vol. 2, Session 3

Do You Have a System?

Attracting Future Professionals

Partnering With A School

Practical Steps

Recruit On Every Level

Home Grown

Legacy Staff/New Staff

Core Collection – Owners (6 CD Set)

Mission, Vision, Non-Negotiables & Career Path

Take Home Reality Check

Hours of Operation/Identifying Prime Time

Compensation Matters (contains data file)

Marketing Matters

Cornerstones Matter

Stylists Edition

Stylists Edition – Rescheduling Vol. 1, Session 1

Rescheduling/Prime Time

Rescheduling/Salon Example

Coaching/What We Look At

Why Reschedule?

Outstanding Rescheduling

Discipline & Dialogue

The Moment of Truth

Squeeze In’s/S.O.S. Appointment

No Show’s

Rescheduling – Role Playing

Stylists Edition – Take Home At Its Best Vol. 1, Session 2

You vs. Wilma Flintstone

Turning Guests Into Buyers

Everybody Starts From Where They’re At

It Matters Dialogue

The Female Nudge

Our Salon Experience

Purchasing From You

Take Home Dialogue

What Could Be

Stylists Edition – The Image Profile Vol. 1, Session 3

The Image Profile


Image Profile – New Guest

The Taste Book

Role Play

Image Profile – Returning Guest

Stylists Edition – The Front Desk & You Vol. 1, Session 4

Are You Pushed Beyond Your Means?

Partner With The Front Desk Staff

Rescheduling Revisited

Case Study

Do You Know?

Creating Staff Bio’s

Work Together – Maximize Potential

The Hustle Factor

Lawn Boy

Stylists Edition – Olympic Thinking Vol. 1, Session 5


State What You Want

Selecting A Coach

What Do I Need To Learn?

When And How Much Will I Practice?

How Will I Apply The Practice?

Visualize The Desired Result

Measure The Results

The Four Steps

Stylists Edition – Tracking For Success Vol. 1, Session 6

Why Track Performance?

The Quest For A Tool

Supplemental – Print Spreadsheet

Columns A-G

Columns H-I

Columns J-L

Columns M-O

Columns P-U

Formulas & Totals

Stylists Edition – Is The Grass Really Greener? (w/Robert Cromeans) Vol. 2, Session 1

Somewhere Else?

Commission vs. Booth Rent

Be The Change!

Integrity Is Everything

Bringing Out The Best You

You Are What You’re Surrounded By

The Benefit of Team

It’s About Career Development

Stylists Edition – The Greeting/The Referral Vol. 2, Session 2

Greetings… What’s The Big Deal?

Greetings… Handshakes Matter!

Elements of a Proper Greeting

Too Safe or Too Scared!


Stylists Edition – Reputation & Honor Vol. 2, Session 3

Reputation… What’s Yours?

Protect Your Reputation

What I Am… Is What I Am?

The 7 Steps of Honor

Step 1 – Honoring Your Craft

Step 2 – Honoring Our Industry

Step 3 – Honoring Your Guest

Step 4 – Honoring Your Teammates

Step 5 – Honoring The Salon

Step 6 – Honoring Leadership

Step 7 – Honoring The Owner

For The Love of The Game

Core Collection - Stylists


`Take Home At Its Best’

`The Image Profile’

`Olympic Thinking’

`Tracking For Success’ (contains data file)

‘The Greeting/The Referral’