Industry Experts, Speakers and Coaches

Innovation-Education-Commitment. These are often the words used by members of the hair care industry when asked to describe Terri and Steve Cowan.

A native of Illinois, Steve Cowan was introduced to the hair care industry early in life. At the age of nine, Steve was a stock boy for his family’s business, Joliet Beauty and Barber Supply. It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with the industry and decide that someday he would own his own company. His quick and insightful decision-making would later help him become the successful businessman that he is today.

In 1983, when Steve founded PSC, the hair care industry was a fragmented entity.  With fresh ideas and a deep commitment to his clients, Steve embarked on a new philosophy that would one day turn into an industry model. It was, and still is, PSC’s mission to grow this industry one Hairdresser at a time, through a balance of technical skills, training, and business savvy. His goal is to make the salon business profitable and professional, an industry and career that people are drawn to and love. Utilizing his business savvy and unparalleled industry-specific dialogue he can change a business by changing just a few of the words and phrases that they use behind the chair.

While Steve was busy building a solid foundation in the beauty industry, Terri was doing the same in another industry. At the age of 12, she had an early introduction to the restaurant industry that would serve her well in the years to come. While at Pillsbury’s Steak ‘n’ Ale, Terri quickly rose through the ranks, becoming an expert in corporate training. She was responsible for training new franchisees and certifying their service staff, as well as assuring compliance with corporate guidelines and policies.

Terri’s dynamic style was brought to the attention of famed entrepreneur and author, John McCormack, and his then business partner, Sam Brocato. Sam had recently launched his own line of hair care products, Brocato International, and before long Terri had joined the team to eventually become Executive Vice President. It was during her association with Brocato that she first met Steve Cowan.

Terri serves as one of the Salon Industry’s leading and most respected speakers. Her direct, common sense approach to measuring and quantifying extraordinary customer service, combined with her undeniable sense of humor is what her audiences enjoy the most. Steve is a powerful speaker in his own right with the ability to take everything that he has learned in his 40+ years in this industry and break it down to share with those around him. He has the ability to engage a room and to lift them to a new personal expectation level.

Both Terri and Steve are dedicated to helping salon owners see their business through their customers’ eyes. They are committed to upgrading the image of the hair care industry, and firmly believe that quality service is the key. It is because of this insight and dedication that they continue to lead the pack in changing the industry through the belief that in this industry, as in all  professional industries –

“Today’s Performance is Tomorrow’s Traffic.”

Terri and Steve first presented Salon Inc. to Salon Owners in 1989. Once the Salon Owners witnessed these teachings, they immediately asked if the same information could be shared with their service providers in the salon. PSCNET was then created. Then too, First Impression was written, dedicated to the reservationists. These three classes have been taught all over North America as well as abroad. The message is clear, business matters and salons have to be dedicated to service and business improvements equally to technical education.