• History of Reuzel
  • Demonstration by Scumbassador on a live model
  • Extended product and styling knowledge


Master scumbassadors will present the old school craft of barbering by demonstrating classic cuts steeped in tradition and perfected over decades by the “Lords of the Lard.” From pompadours to flattops, learn how to approach these timeless cuts to integrate the Schorem classic shapes and REUZEL™ products into everyday work. While preaching the greasy gospel, the scumclass will touch on how to build the men’s business to ensure your greasers, ruffians and other fine gentlemen scumbags return to chew the fat and walk out with a perfect cut, every time they leave the shop or salon.


Let us help you get down and dirty with your clipper. Clipper Carnage…The Not So Boring Hair course allows you to learn the ins and outs of the tool along with a variety of techniques to make you more comfortable with your tapers and fades. From clipper knowledge and care, to advanced clipper over comb work, this course dives deep into what many consider the most important tool to achieve most of the classic Schorem™ cuts.


Classic barbering is the first step to understanding Schorem shapes and how to achieve them. In this course, you will learn the two longest haircuts. This is a great course to get your feet wet and start to understand the techniques as the foundation of all REUZEL™ classic haircuts. There will be a great deal of focus on product application and styling.


The profession of barbering is one of the oldest in the world. Experience two of the most popular Schorem haircuts. Dive deeper into the nuances of your tools, specifically the clipper. Learn the effects of each guard and clipper blade attachment. Practice how to place weight in a haircut and build shape that is significantly shorter on the sides than the top. Explore the head shape and hair texture considerations you need to take into account before diving into most cuts.

*Prerequisite Classic Barbering 1


This event will teach, motivate and inspire fellow barbers (beginners and advanced) & aficionados with the goal of taking men’s hairdressing right back to the high level where it belongs. Expand your knowledge of the craft of barbering by diving into some of the more Schorem aggressive clipper cuts. These cuts require a keen eye for detail and the class will be focused on the nuances of head shape and how to work most efficiently with your tools at hand.

*Prerequisite Classic Barbering 1 & 2


If REUZEL™ would grow on a tree it would be the kind of wood they make guitars out of and the roots of that same tree would be deeply embedded in the soil called rock ’n’ roll. With every product they make they keep in the back of their mind: “Yes it works, you can wear it, but can you ROCK it?” No matter what beat you walk the walk to we got the juice, Reuzel™ has you covered. Teased or greased, chopped or cropped, the sin in a tin does the job…
Taking ingredients from punk rock, rhythm ’n’ blues and seventies rock ‘n’ roll REUZEL™ has cooked up a new collection of pork chops long enough to bang your head with. This event will teach, motivate and inspire fellow barbers (beginners and advanced) & aficionados.

Having been the Davines International Master Trainer Manager for almost twelve years, Brian Suhr is an exquisite representative of the Davines lifestyle and proposes a type of hair fashion that many of his fans describe as ‘glocal’, glamorous and contemporary. As a stylist who leads shows and seminars worldwide, much of his time is spent traveling around the world, educating and entertaining every type of professional hairdressing audience. His techniques are based on the complete knowledge of Davines products, while his style is very much inspired by the street fashion from the world’s largest metropolises, where he travels.
During this event you will witness first hand Brian and Kirsten’s expertise in cut and color as well as their contagious personalities.


In 2010, Leen & Bertus decided to bring new life to the craft of barbering and opened the only ‘no women allowed’ zone in Holland; Schorem Haarsnijder & Barbier. A place without any BS, where men can get a high-quality cut & a shave. From day one, the guys started receiving a lot of requests by barbers & hairdressers asking if they could receive a similar training as the apprentices at the shop did. Until now this was not possible, the shop was simply too small and busy. Because of the growing (international) crowds traveling to the shop in Rotterdam and the consistent long waiting lines, the guys were forced to move to a bigger location across the street. The guys didn’t want to say goodbye to the old Schorem, the place where their dreams first came true. Because of this, the idea for ‘The Old School’ was born; a small, independent barber academy where the master barbers of Schorem would share the knowledge that they gained over the past 25 years located at the old shop. The profession of barbering is one of the oldest in the world. The devil’s in the detail: it is a true craft, and can take a lifetime to master.

Join PSC on an international journey to experience Reuzel™ where it all started, Rotterdam! While there, you will expand your knowledge of the craft of barbering, perfect your technique by cutting models under a watchful eye. In addition, witness detailed demonstrations by one of Schorems highly skilled master barbers.