Natural Care concept devised the most natural way to nourish and to promote the well being of hair: The Natural Care Masks. Let guests know about the rush of seeing, for themselves, the transformation come alive.

milk_shake guarantees regeneration of hair structure, especially in damaged hair. There is increased volume with the first application.

  • By the 3rd or 4th application, as clinically tested in Italy, guests will see there is a progressive restructuring at work.
  • Increased hair volume becomes visible following the first week of use.
  • Increased shine becomes noticeable after one week of use.
  • Increased hair smoothness is visible after the first week of use.
  • There is a 25% increase in hair diameter.

These four masks suit every hair type. Milk mask is for dry and damaged hair, yogurt mask for normal or colored hair, cocoa mask for normal or course hair, papaya mask for fine or dull hair.

Guest will see immediate improvement at application: improved internal structure, superior strength and shine, added volume and shine, superior moisturization and smoothness.

Milk is just about the first natural resource of nourishment from birth and infancy, containing the necessary proteins, amino acids, essential fatty acids and vitamins. Natural Care milk mask powder protein compound, combined with Natural Care mask base, concentrates these nutrients into a deep treatment, to nourish and bring out the shine and softness.

Humans have consumed yogurt for centuries. Yogurt is rich in nourishing proteins, lactic acid and vitamins. Natural Care yogurt mask and the mask base nourishes. The acidity of the yogurt mask compound helps to protect hair color, improve the appearance of the natural and cosmetic hair color.

Cocoa brings the enticing, exotic taste and is a natural anti-oxidant as well with a strong nourishing effect on the hair. Natural Care cocoa mask powder compound combines with the mask base to make the most of the benefits of cocoa and the delicious scent, providing nourishment and shiny, soft hair.

Papaya is a tropical fruit with a unique taste and rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Natural Care papaya mask compound combines with the mask base for a deep treatment. The result is seen in the revitalizing and the hydrating of the hair as the mask improves the appearance, shine and softness of the hair.

milk_shake supplies the sweetness of nature for the health and beauty of the hair. Natural ingredients bring out gorgeous hair and the divine fragrance.

The How To: Whip up the mask powder of choice in a bowl with the special restructurizing mask base, to create a creamy strand smoothie. Apply to damp hair. Leave in for 5 – 10 minutes. Comb, and rinse, to reveal soft, shiny hair.