milk_shake Go pink

Because concepts believes paying it forward is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves and others, their milk_shake GO PINK promotion this year is the “PAY IT FORWARD” concept. The goal is to brighten someone’s day and advocate for breast cancer screening. Get ready to bring the smiles, great hairstyles and help save lives with GO PINK!

To start the PAY IT FORWARD IN PINK campaign across North America, milk_shake will be giving away 4,000 PINK products. And, a donation of $15K for local charity organizations picked by your distributor!


1. When your client is ready to check out at your salon, you hand them one of the FREE GO PINK products, explaining it’s a compliment from milk_shake and the beginning of a Pay It Forward Chain promoting Breast Cancer Awareness.

2. When this happens, it often inspires people to keep the chain going by paying it forward to the person behind them. Offer your guest to purchase one of the milk_shake GO PINK products for the next person who will be checking out.

3. Encourage your guest to use the attached card and write a personal note to the next person who will receive the GO PINK product. Encouraging to take care of their health and get tested for breast cancer.

4. It’s a simple gesture, but it affects people. And, people change the world!

If that’s not enough, here’s what these amazing milk_shake GO PINK products do for your client’s hair!

milk_shake GO PINK leave in conditioner gives manageability to hair, while protecting its structure and moisture balance. An intensive leave-in spray mask hair treatment, milk_shake GO PINK incredible milk it literally works like a boss as it protects hair from UV rays; repairs all hair types; maintains color; protects from heat; detangles; maintains hair style; adds maximum shine; creates body and volume; controls frizz; banishes and prevents split ends; easy straightening; smooth the cuticle. milk_shake GO PINK whipped cream is a no-nonsense, no-rinse conditioning and protective creamy foam for all hair types containing a milk protein to condition and restructure hair, while providing softness and manageability without weighing it down.

milk_shake GO PINK

5 pink leave in conditioner 10.1 oz

5 pink whipped cream 6.8 oz

5 pink incredible milk 5.1 oz

FREE for Pay It Forward Chain

1 pink leave in conditioner 10.1 oz

1 pink whipped cream 6.8 oz

1 pink incredible milk 5.1 oz

18 PINK cards

1 Kit of salon decorations

Join the PAY IT FORWARD IN PINK force and don’t forget to post your pay it forward stories online at and on social media using hashtags #milkshakegopink #pinkitforward.