milk_shake Illuminate

Are you ready for an innovative lightening and color treatment? The milk_shake Illuminate line is the new range to gently lighten your client’s hair and with two new treatments to enhance the beauty of any cut, color or style. Now you can create soft highlights with a touch of color in just five minutes. Boom! Considered your hair world enlightened.

Look no further for the perfect solution to personalize your client’s cut with tailored contrasts created during the styling process! milk_shake Illuminate quick light does just that and lightens hair in a few minutes without even needing to rinse! It’s an ammonia-free lightening treatment with immediate and delicately illuminating results for both untreated and color-treated hair.

milk_shake illuminate

WHAT YOU DO: Simply apply the product and flat-iron your client’s hair to have instant, natural contrasts with up to two levels of lightening.

HOW IT WORKS: Its formula is enriched with hydrolyzed keratin, which has a high affinity with the structural keratin of the cuticle, strengthening hair, giving consistency, greater structure and protection as well as conditioning the hair.

milk_shake Illuminate pure pigment creates spectacular color tones to uniquely handcraft your client’s hair during styling. Giving versatility to the lightening process and color tones, it illuminates hair with creative chromatic effects. And, it’s available in six vibrant shades: GOLD, RED, BLUE, VIOLET, COPPER, and BROWN.

WHAT YOU DO: Just apply the formula and flat-iron your client’s hair to have immediate, intense and vibrant color. *This treatment is carried out by mixing the chosen pure pigment shade with quick light.*

HOW IT WORKS: It contains hydrolyzed keratin, formulated to strengthen hair for greater structure, conditioning and deep protection.

Illuminate Quick Light

1 Illuminate Quick Light 6.8 oz $22.00

1 Illuminate Pure Pigment Copper 3.4 oz $19.00

1 Illuminate Pure Pigment Red 3.4 oz $19.00

1 Illuminate Pure Pigment Violet 3.4 oz $19.00

1 Illuminate Pure Pigment Gold 3.4 oz $19.00

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1 Illuminate Pure Pigment Blue 3.4 oz $19.00

1 Illuminate Pure Pigment Brown 3.4 oz $19.00

1 Illuminate technical guide

1 Illuminate easel card

6 Illuminate dropper

6 sponge brush applicators

1 milkshake bowl

1 measuring cup

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