To help you kick off your clients’ summer hair with all the right shades, z.one concept has brought in color expert, Kelly Leigh. Utilizing milk_shake Smoothies Intensifiers, Kelly shares how you can have a lot fun, get creative and give your clients some major hair love!

[1] PASTELS The ever-growing trend of pastels is now so much easier for you to create with milk_shake Smoothies Intensifiers. To achieve a wide range of pastel tones, form the base of your formula with Smoothies specials – Powder and/ or Pearl. Just add 1 to 5 grams of chosen Intensifier, depending on the mixture, thickness of the hair and outcome desired. Mix them together and create amazing custom shades for your clients!

[2] FASHION TONES The possibilities to create vibrant tones with the Smoothies Intensifiers are endless. Depending on how vibrant or deep you wish your client’s fashion tone to be, mix only the Intensifiers or add them to other Smoothies shades. Almost any color you dream up is possible just by adding the 4 Intensifiers to the Specials or any other Smoothies shades.

[3] CORRECTORS If your client’s hair has a strong or underlying orange tone that is in need of correcting, add up to 1g of Blue to your formula. Trying to achieve that perfect white? Blue is the answer again! Be sure to reference the color wheel and use the opposite color to correct the unwanted tones. When using the intensifiers to correct, keep a close eye on your client’s hair. As always, use your best judgment based on the integrity and porosity of your client’s hair.

[4] INTENSIFY TONES Have you ever wished for a tone to be a little brighter? Now you can achieve super bright and even more intense copper, red, and violet! By adding Intensifiers into your formula, you’re putting in more tone with no level. Can you say happy clients?! The 4 Intensifiers will deepen any shade in the milk_shake smoothies collection by adding more warmth to the exotic series or greater intensity to Mahogany. Don’t forget, mix ratio of Intensifiers is up to 50% of your color formula, depending on intensity of desired outcome.

Get started creating limitless colors for your clients with the Smoothies Intensifier series!

SMOOTHIES ASH + INTENSIFIERS [while supplies last] 10 milk_shake Smoothies Ash Shades 3.4 oz

4 milk_shake Smoothies Intensifiers 3.4 oz
1 Ash/Intensifiers Swatch Chart

[perfectly purple] For base color, mix milk_shake Smoothies 8g Pearl + 8g Silver + 2g Blue Intensifier + 6g Red Intensifier with Activating Emulsion. Formula 2 for ends 10g Pearl + 18g Silver + 1g Blue Intensifier + 2g Red Intensifier with Activating Emulsion.

[sultry strawberry blonde] Roots colored with milk_shake Creative Permanent color 7.431 and 7.35 equal parts. Ends with milk_shake Smoothies 10g 9.13 + 5g 8.13 + 10g 7e + 1g 6.43 + 3g Red Intensifier with Activating Emulsion.

[pretty in pink] On prelightened hair, use milk_shake Smoothies 25g Pearl with 10g Silver + 1g Red intensifier with Activating Emulsion.