z.one concept company built on a dream

z.one concept USA is the exclusive representative of milk_shake and NO INHIBITION brands in North America. These product lines are part of the z.one concept family; a young, innovative and dynamic Italian brand offering professional hair and beauty products worldwide. From shampoos and conditioners to color and lightener, these product lines offer a solution for every scalp and hair need to make great hair easy to achieve.

Why has z.one concept created some of the top hair product brands in the world? Just like great hair, z.one concept did not just happen. It is a company built on a dream – a dream for all people to have the most gorgeous version of their hair and to keep having it every single day.


The philosophy behind every z.one concept hair care and color product is to bring hair back to its natural state. From care and styling to bleach and hair color, our products go further to treat and condition hair. What’s the secret? The right combination of natural ingredients and the latest innovations in hair care and hair color technology.


z.one concIvano Panzeriept was created in 1999 by Ivano Panzeri in Italy – known as one of the most competitive hair product markets in Europe. The z.one brand was quickly recognized by industry experts for its innovation.

Panzeri’s goal was to provide hair stylists with a fresh approach to achieving success, through technological advances and effective commercial and marketing strategies. With this business model, z.one concept soon acquired a significant share of the Italian market, and now exports its products to 46 countries. In 2007, z.one concept took on a new challenge and entered North America. In a few short years it achieved a significant presence, and the brand is now represented through 26 distributors across the US and Canada.


z.one concept offers a superior range of products, the latest in stylist education, and professional management training. This approach provides important technical knowledge and greater communication between hair stylists and customers which leads to increased revenue and success. z.one concept not only shows you how to succeed but also provides the resources to help you get there.

z.one concept was built on a dream. That foundational dream paved the way to make exceptional hair products offering everything needed to look amazing 365 days a year; from never-fail styles to solutions for frizz, limp tresses, dull color, hair loss and more. Now, that’s a dream anyone could support!