No Inhibition | concepts

We love no inhibition from concept!

This product is a sophisticated and elegant hair styling line that takes you on a journey into an elite world made of contrasts, colors and shapes to create, define and reach perfection. Fancy!

We have great respect for concept’s ingredients in no inhibition hair products because the source of their origin shows commitments to the environment and the consciousness of it’s users. Did you know that technological formulas are used in the production of this styling line? It contains patented organic elements, protecting the hair structure during and after every phase of styling.

This is what they’re about…

Inspiration: no inhibition is inspired by very important personalities in the history of cinema, style, transgression and good taste. Men and women whose image will forever survive in the universal culture. Brigitte Bardot. James Dean. Iman. Madonna.

Appearance: Products are displayed on a black background and brought to life by lead colors orange, purple and anthracite (fancy Greek word for ‘coal-like’). This color combination conjures a more luxurious and exclusive world. These three shades symbolize destination, the path to creativeness, and refined design.

Eco-Sensitiveness: Organic ingredients create an ethical commitment to the environment and to the sensitivities of it’s users. The unique characteristics of the guarana extracts refresh and invigorate the hair while hydrating and strengthening it with every application.

Fragrance: no inhibition is characterized by an elegant scent with three sets of notes which unfold over time. The senses are immediately hit with the smell of mandarin, grapefruit and peppermint, which then leads into a deeper smell of rose, cinnamon and spices. Incredible, right?!