z.one concept milk_shake

We LOVE variety! We were all created with different desires and styles. For our more natural lovers, this system is what you need. The milk_shake integrity system is an innovation based on a very simple principle: to restore the hair’s natural elements!

z.one concept’s active ingredient in the milk_shake range is a tribute to the sustainability of natural elements, and a tradition borne, not in modern times, but of legend. Sounds very Xena Warrior Princess, but even the Women of the Amazon know and use the miraculous properties of the Muru Muru seed. The Muru Muru butter combines with the Amino Acids Complex, a mix of plant amino acids. The two active ingredients penetrate the hair with proteins and nutrients.

Muru Muru butter is rich with fatty acids to help nourish, soothe and moisturize the hair. The butter is rich in vitamin A, which repairs, nourishes, and restores the health and beauty of the hair. It’s amazing how it penetrates to the heart of the hair strand to work in synergy with the hair’s proteins.

And for those of us who have abused our poor locks, the milk_shake system can bring our hair back to full health.  The results are immediate…we’re talk some SHINE!

Nourishment for fine hair: Start with nourishing shampoo. Finish with nourishing conditioner.

Nourishment for coarse hair: Start with nourishing muru muru butter. Follow with nourishing shampoo. Finish with intensive treatment.

Restructuring treatment for dry or damaged hair: Start with integrity booster. Follow with nourishing shampoo. Go to integrity repairing hair. Finish with nourishing conditioner.

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