milk_shake Dream Hair Color
The guide to achieving your dream hair color:

Finding a hair color to recommend for the guest’s complexion, enhance their hairstyle and compliment their personality is not always so simple. There is so much to consider to achieve their dream hair color.

milk_shake has a magnificent choice of hair colors that our expert colorists can recommend. By following some simple steps, we can lead our guests by the hand to unique signature hair color and make sure they hair always looks in great condition.

Do your research. Be that trusted colorist. For the guest, that’s brilliant news when they discover you and your salon.  Be the creative one in the equation. Be the one who understands their needs.

Listen. Take in what the guest tells you. Listen in on your colleagues and guests, especially those whose color you love. Check out web salon pages for examples and reviews.

Take inspiration from magazines, fashion house advertising campaigns, the latest celebrity styles and the runways.  The internet is a powerful weapon when researching new looks and styles and is a brilliant tool to help you find your perfect brand of hair color.

Master the consultation. We want the guest to be very honest with us. Be just as honest with them. Make sure you have an understanding of their hair color; past and present. Let them know what home haircare products would be the best for them.

Explain regular color maintenance. Remind them of what lifestyle circumstances can work against the color and condition of their hair. You know…all those visits to the swimming pool, a habit of shampooing washing every day, even the length of time their hair is scorched by the sun.

Go the distance, in between visits. The milk_shake world believes treating hair with care and respect is essential when prolonging that gorgeous color. Ensure their dream hair color looks good in between salon visits by recommending the use of professional color care products at home.

This practice works wonders to preserve the color and protect hair from direct sunlight and those pesky UV sprays. Make it a point to get the guest to opt for the in-salon treatment to lock in the color and offer those power blasts of moisture and nutrients in the milk_shake color maintainer products,  to keep healthy looking hair in vogue for them.