There is one certainty that will always exist all over the world: the presence of both women and men. This may seem to be so logical and something taken for granted. Question: what does this actually mean for humankind? There will always be the female and the male. Let everyone celebrate both equally, for their flaws, for their admirable qualities and, most of all, for their unique beauty. See all, know all, be all. concept gets right to the heart of the matter with the collection LA Femme et L’Homme.

The global approach to hair fashion of LA Femme marks a point of departure. Creativity becomes connected worldwide like never before and becomes a common concept, made unique only by the ethnicity and culture of each woman. The geometry of hairstyles and cuts is inspired by the past. Here is a letting go of old concepts and habits, to renew free expression and experimentation. Sensuality is constructed, not forced, through flexible and structured shapes. Color becomes the unsung hero, the creator of light and elegance.

Revisit the era of the Classic cuts, with a contemporary twist. L’Homme is the expression of identity through fashion and look, to create a sense of belonging, being unique and yet part of the crowd. Rugged and clean cut, the unkempt yet high maintenance male is both confident and aware. These are defiant men with the ultimate desire to succeed. Their understated, aloof sexiness creates an aura of mystery with effortless style. These cuts capture the glance of passers-by who have a refined eye.