Ivano Panzeri

La dolce vita is a celebrated Italian term meaning “the sweet life.” And z.one concept, a top Italian brand that includes the milk_shake and NO INHIBITION lines, looks to develop this sweet philosophy throughout the North American market. We speak with z.one concept founder and CEO Ivano Panzeri to find out why their milk_shake brings all the stylists to the yard.

How did z.one concept come about?

When I started this company in 1999, I wanted to create a product line that would help stylists improve and grow their business every day. My focus was not just on creating products, but ideas, strategies and emotions. With our products and in-salon initiatives, the goal is to create a “magic moment,” to stimulate a client’s curiosity with the overall experience so that they proactively seek out our products, promotions or services. A great example is our milk_shake Color Cocktails. They’re served in martini glasses and help stimulate happy feelings, which in turn promotes color services. We want to create an opportunity for our clients to have both beautiful hair and a positively emotional experience in the chair.

z.one concept offers a unique point of differentiation from other brands. How does the brand promote this?

z.one concept is dedicated to the salon industry and to our clients. We’ve created a range of products and services that offer a unique visual and sensorial experience for the client. With our vanilla-scented milk_shake Whipped Cream Leave-In Conditioner, Restructuring Cocoa or Papaya In-Salon Treatments,for example, color services can be pleasant, smelling of strawberries and chocolate for a delicious olfactory experience. We want to promote uniquely pleasant sensorial experiences in our milk_shake salons to encourage repeat client visits. The ideas we offer to the salons are key to our initiatives, with the products as tools to achieve them. If the salon succeeds in emotionally engaging their guests, their business will grow.

What can we expect from the brand in the future?

Even though our brand has experienced great growth in the past several years, we have the potential to succeed even more. We’re always looking for new ways to improve our products and services. Currently, we’re building a global education platform to support and connect stylists, and to grow their confidence and skill sets. We are also focusing on evolving our color lines further. Our brand has some of the most innovative permanent and semi-permanent color lines on the market, and we believe that will drive our success. We’re also working on a number of initiatives that will promote in-salon retail in a unique and exciting way, creating a new opportunity to increase salon revenue. We want to help salon owners tap into their full business potential with our great ideas.

As seen in American Salon