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How-To Create ICY BLUSH with milk_shake

There are so many options for fantastic color, but we fell in love with milk_shake’s Icy Blush! Icy Blush creates definition using pastel tone on tone color line.


Formula 1: milk_shake decologic total roots 50 g, milk_shake oxidizing emulsion 10 & 20 vol. (3% e 6%) 50 g
Formula 2: milk_shake cocktail: milk_shake silver shine whipped cream 10 g + direct color powder 15 g + direct color silver 15 g
Formula 3: milk_shake cocktail: milk_shake silver shine whipped cream 10 g + direct color pink 30 g + direct color powder 10 g


Lighten the hair in the root area using formula 1.



Trace a horizontal separation that runs 1-2 inches from the top towards the back area. From the centre of the separation, trace two diagonals that end at the tips of the eyebrows. This creates a triangular section that develops over the front section. Tone the back and front side areas using formula 2.


Separate the right side section using the hair coloring film. Starting from the front hairline on the right side, separate the first strand with a diagonal line parallel to the side of the section. Color using formula 3.


Starting from the front hairline of the right side, continue with a second front diagonal and color the chosen strand using formula 2.



Color the next strand using formula 3. Continue coloring the following strands alternating between formula 2 and 3.



Complete coloring the section using formula 3.



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