How Do You

By Scott Coolidge

Our industry has been through so many changes in the last few years. Guests want to make sure they’re getting what they are paying for.

What can we do to make sure we’re providing the best possible service? What steps can we take to keep them in our salons, and be more profitable? concept offers every option that we as service providers might need to do just that!

Angela came to us with thirsty and curly hair. I chose to use Cocoa Natural Mask by milk_shake. Cocoa imparts moisture, shine, and life to dull hair.

Simply mix fifteen grams of cocoa powder with sixty grams of natural mask base. Stir until you have a beautiful cake batter consistency.

Part the hair into four sections and apply, starting at the ends and work towards the scalp. Once you’ve applied the mask, process for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse until the water runs clean, and towel dry.

I applied Incredible Milk leave-in to detangle her hair. Incredible Milk has twelve different effects to take care of a guest’s hair.

1. Repair  

2. Protect from UV

3. Protects color

4. Protects from heat damage  

5. Detangles 

6. Maintains life of style

7. Gives shine  

8. Adds volume  

9. Controls frizz   

10. Prevents split end

11. Helps to smooth hair  

12. Soothes the cuticle

The stylist then gave Angela one of our flexible movement hair cuts. Finally, I applied No Inhibition Smoothing Cream to the mids and ends and combed through. 

Using our fast finishing technique, I finished her blow out in fifteen minutes!