Glistening argan oil

milk_shake’s Glistening Argan Oil + December = Perfect Holiday Hair for All

Created to make your client’s hair shine with perfection, milk_shake’s Glistening Argan Oil is on tap for big savings through the month of December. Naughty or nice, this brilliantly restorative oil treatment is designed for all hair types delivering the gift of perfect holiday hair for all. [No gift-wrapping necessary!]

With just a few drops of Glistening Argan Oil, hair is immediately conditioned and nourished giving a healthy, voluminous look with an incredibly radiant effect. Thanks to its nourishing, repairing, anti-age and protective properties, this miracle oil helps to maintain soft and shiny hair.

An extraordinary blend of conditioning ingredients leaves hair looking beautiful, right after the first application. BONUS: Glistening Argan Oil is so versatile it can be applied to wet or dry hair so it can be used before or after styling. Who does not like having more hair options?

The secret to this heavenly, hair-restoring oil is all in how it’s made. A high concentration of organic argan oil is blended with a special mix of conditioning volatile silicones (exclusive to milk_shake!). This unique formula dramatically reduces blow-drying time and deeply conditions the hair – that means less time styling and more time looking fabulous!

The non-greasy, light formula distributes easily throughout hair giving it an incredible shine and making it healthier and as smooth as silk.

Along with its deeply nourishing treatment to the hair and scalp, Glistening Argon Oil is formulated to harness nature’s goodness for a fresh and healthy look. Like all milk_shake products, it’s inspired by nature, using the power and the beauty of nature to achieve gorgeous hair for all occasions.

Made with a quality mix of professional ingredients, this fabulous oil naturally leaves hair looking gorgeous without the use of harmful ingredients. BONUS: Glistening Argan Oil smells so amazing; it’s like being carried away on a gentle breeze of freshness.

Guaranteed to meet the deepest and darkest hair needs, Glistening Argon Oil is the total hair package. Get your very own supply of awesomeness and start spreading holiday hair cheer today!


6 Glistening Argan Oil 1.7 oz.

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