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Dreaming of a quick pampering session at lunchtime? You’re not alone! More and more, women are using lunch time to prepare for a festive event, evening date or upcoming vacation. Thankfully, milk_shake offers express color and shine hair treatments, in the form of cocktails, that leaves hair looking gorgeous, smelling divine.

Twenty minutes! That’s all it takes to inject real life into the guest’s locks with a hair care reviving treatment. The Argan Cocktail adds hydration and shine.

The Direct Color cocktail is a conditioning, color reviving treatment. Spin out the delicious smelling hair cocktails, in front of your guest. Serve in super cute martini glasses. Here’s the Wow!

milk_shake Direct Color Cocktail

There are guests who want to try the latest hair color trends, and yet afraid to take a bold move. The color has faded for others, except there’s no time for a color appointment. Seize the day. Recommend they let you, their 20-minute expert, play some with the color cocktails. Let them know this is a treatment which has the vibrant color for the perfect color refresher.

This color treatment, which is available in the smorgasbord of 18 inter-mixable shades, fuses milk_shake’s conditioning whipped cream with the direct color shade of their choice.

Quick work:  Leave in for 10 minutes, rinse well, blow-dry. Now, they are more than good to go. The end result is healthy hair with the delicious scent and shiny color.

milk_shake Argan Cocktail

Greek yogurt swirled with honey has nothing on this cocktail. Well, these do look quite a bit alike. Created with milk_shake’s bestselling conditioning whipped cream, these cocktails are laced with the lightweight glistening argan oil.

Guests with dry and dehydrated strands can appreciate the difference. This unique nourishing treatment is a standout treatment.

Milk-derived proteins strengthen hair. Another perk is the repairing properties of the argan oil, which even acts as a shield from the sun’s rays. There’s anti-aging action too due to the golden oil from Morocco.

How it works: Simply apply this no-rinse cocktail to clean damp hair, blow-dry and you are ready to go. The end result is healthy, shiny and silky hair with delicious scent. Fast! Quick!

milk_shake direct color

Innovative and gentle cosmetic coloring performs color services with excellent results. Totally ammonia and peroxide free, Direct Color respects hair structure without alteration. All shades are intermixable, formulated with tested high quality pigments.


  • Highlight natural or colored hair
  • Hide the first grey hair
  • Introduce guests to color services
  • Complement other professional technical services
  • Tone bleached or highlighted hair
  • Intensify a shade after other color services
  • Color correction or restoring