PSC 5 Reasons you should always measure color

If you’ve been a stylist for more than a minute, you’ve had one of those busy days, with multiple color clients, processing at different times and possibly running late. The temptation [the struggle is real] to just “eye ball” color measure, usually because you have done it a thousand times. The reality is, measuring is crucial to on-point results. To boost your hair measure motivation, BRIAN GRIEVE, Director of Education concept North America, shares 5 REASONS YOU SHOULD ALWAYS MEASURE COLOR.

  1. ITCHING SCALP The loathed itchy scalp. It’s one of the more irritating outcomes of failing to measure color accurately. CLASS IS IN SESSION: This occurs mainly when the use of scales has been overlooked, potentially causing your client’s hair color to become more aggressive. Innovative and advanced color formulations require precise measuring. Measuring = no itchy scalps!
  2. COLOR FADE Say it ain’t so! As a seasoned hair stylist, at some point, you have seen the look of color fade disappointment on a client’s face. CLASS IS IN SESSION: When there is an imbalance of the color and emulsion/developer mix ratio, fade happens. With the hair cuticle more exposed, color fades faster. This could happen with any color choice [reds, coppers & gray cover being most vulnerable], but you can nip color fade like a boss.
  3. COLOR RESULTS Another color casualty. On many occasions, the color is dull, lacking in consistent shine and often a translucent gray cover is the outcome. This often leads to your client raising dreaded color questions like, “Was that the same color you used?” CLASS IS IN SESSION: Color correctly measured delivers a consistent experience to your client, with much more vibrancy and intense shine reflect. Ultimately, it’s a win-win.
  4. CONSISTENCY Think hair history. How many times have you checked a client’s color history to remind you of a formula? Most of the time, right? The key to consistent color is consistent precision. CLASS IS IN SESSION: Failure to measure that same formula, each time, makes the art of recreating the beautiful color for your client next to impossible. No more, “My color was so vibrant and shiny last time… is there something wrong?” You got this!
  5. SAVING MONEY It’s all about the money, money, money… Not completely, but it is a well-known fact that a big drain on profits for any stylist or salon is the amount of color washed down the sink! CLASS IS IN SESSION: By consistently practicing the use of a scale, the ability to measure smaller amounts of accurate color and emulsion/developer increases will help prevent the wasting and washing away color. Did you hear that? A scale that saves you money and won’t make you cry [well, maybe happy tears].

We all know embracing change can be challenging. But, often the smallest of changes bring the biggest benefits. Measuring is definitely one of those, resulting in greater hair for your clients and even better business for you!


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