PSC incredible oil

Extreme HEAT and extreme COLD can mean one thing when it comes to hair – CRUNCHY HAIR! Split ends and damaged hair can leave even the best cut looking painful.

If you relate then you need to check out milk_shake’s Incredible Oil. The name itself says it all.

milk_shake Incredible Oil is an intensive leave in treatment formulated to contrast and prevent split ends and protect the hair from the heat of blow-drying, irons and wands, as well as other stress factors that weaken the hair [SUN!]. It gives nourishment, strength, softness and detangles the hair.

Let’s break this down…

  • it protects hair from the heat of blow-drying and irons
  • it contributes to the reparation process of damaged hair and split ends
  • it smoothens and seals the cuticle
  • it strengthens and gives consistency to the hair fibre
  • it helps to prevent split ends and breakage
  • it nourishes the hair, leaving it soft and silky [yum!]
  • it detangles and prevents tangles
  • it gives shine and enhances the hair’s radiance
  • it tames frizz
  • it enhances color
  • it improves manageability during styling
  • it doesn’t weigh the hair down and is ideal for all hair types

My first experience with this beautiful product, was quite simply ‘Incredible’. My hairdresser gave me expert advice on how to apply the product correctly, to gain the maximum result. Unlike any other treatment or oil I have used, this gave such unbelievable shine, luster and the feeling of bringing back youthfulness to my hair. The love & protection factor of the Incredible Oil, felt like my hairdresser wrapped their arms around my hair. Thank you Milk Shake for giving such an amazing product to the World. ~Tracey Smith