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With a complete range of lightening products, milk_shake decologic offers you solutions to enhance your in-salon lighting and toning services. Finally, technology and innovation have combined to create perfect blondes… and they’re infused with organic goodness. What the hair?!

+organic cranberry extract The presence of enormous quantities of anti-free-radical molecules, vitamins and minerals enhances protection and helps to give your client’s hair a healthy and revitalized appearance.

+clay A specific clay from Brazil with a golden hue, it has a high affinity with hair, smoothening the cuticle and enhancing repairing processes, protecting and improving the condition of both your client’s hair fiber and appearance.

+silk proteins Silk proteins have a high affinity with hair keratin, with a conditioning and protective action, giving your client’s hair manageability and shine, protecting from the irritation caused by aggressive surfactants.

Now, let’s talk product. Designed to condition and protect hair, this line delivers you the tools you need to turn out fantastic, healthy hair for your clients AND right now you save 20%!

 milk_shake decologic

BLUE LIGHTENING POWDER [conditioning blue lightening powder 2.2lb]

With its versatile, dust-free formula, you get up to 6 levels of lift leaving behind brassiness or golden tones. Not only is it easy to blend, there’s no running, no expanding and no drying out.

LIGHTENING POWDER [conditioning lightening powder 1.1lb]

Comprised of the same versatile, dust-free formula with up to 6 levels of lift, it delivers an extra dose of care leaving your client’s hair soft, manageable and shiny.

LEVEL 9 [extra-high-lift powder]

With up to 9 levels of lift, this intense powder is suitable for all lightening techniques and counteracts residual warm tones with no running or expanding.

CLAY BALAYAGE LIGHTENER [freehand clay lightener 0.9lb]

Creating a barrier, with a lift up to 4 levels, your client’s hair is protected for precise results. Ideal for partial lightening, it adheres perfectly.

TOTAL ROOTS LIGHTENER TONE CONTROLLER [gentle lightening cream for roots, lengths and ends]

Ammonia-free, this lightening cream lifts gently up to 5-6 levels and can also be used on your client’s hair regrowth.

TONE CONTROLLER [toning gel]

This light and efficient toner offers perfect control after lightening your client’s hair. Bonus: It works on levels 9 and 10.

decologic TRY ME KIT
3  silver shine shampoo 10.1 oz
3  silver shine light shampoo 10.1 oz
3  silver shine whipped cream 6.8 oz

1  decologic lightening powder 2.8 oz
1  decologic blue lightening powder 2.8 oz
1  decologic level 9 2.8 oz
1  decologic clay balayage lightener 2.8 oz
1  decologic total roots lightener 1.7 oz
2  oxidizing emulsion 33.8 oz
1  decologic technical book