Flow HairStyles

Flow Hairstyles

Flow hair care has the regimen: Take out the labor intense technique and artistry used by the stylist to conjure magic for the guest. Even with a full dance card, a flow stylist can take their clients on journeys new and renewable. Hairstyles, from the chignon to loose-y goosey waves, to ponytails; using the go-to products and styling all flow.

Call For Chignon: Be more than ready when the guest is intrigued by the chignon, a timeless look that will never go out of stylist, seemingly effortless.

Start off this beautiful creation with hair that has been prepped for styling. Mist lightly with zeroFriction Detangling Spray and with radiantArmour Heat Protect Spray. Apply infiniteStyle Boundless Body Plumping Lotion from scalp to ends. Follow up with infiniteStyle All Day Tame Smoothing Balm, for added frizz control before blow dry.

To create the chignon, start at the front of the crown and loosely pull large sections back, securing with bobby pins. Continue along to the back of the head. At the back, roll the lengths under and pin at the nape of the neck. Mist with impeccableFinish Fast Dry Hairspray. This keeps hair in place.

Red Letter Day: Want the loose, romantic waves Amber Heard wore on the red carpet? In tandem with a deep side part, this is definitely one of the top styles this season!

Prep the by misting zeroFriction Detangling Spray through the hair to eliminate tangles. Continue with a light spray of radiantArmor Heat Protect Spray. Apply a small amount of infiniteStyle All Day Tame Smoothing Balm for softer locks. Concentrate on the ends of the hair in a downward motion on blow dry.

Set hair in large sections with a large barrel curling iron at a 45 degree angle. When cooled, brush through with a boar-bristle brush and smooth waves into place. Mist with impeccableFinish Fast Dry Hairspray to lock in the style.

Money Pony: Here is Flow’s quick take on the perfect beachy pony: Stylists in salon and guests at home can keep the pony naturally plumped and loose.

Using flow Boundless Body Pumping Lotion, apply throughout damp hair. Tousle with fingers during blow dry to create the loose, natural texture. Use the fingers to comb hair into a loose, low pony. Allow pieces to fall naturally around face. Voila! When have you seen such perfection?

A Night Out? Give your hair a beautiful boost with the instantIntensity 30 Second Treatment. In less than a minute, the treatment deeply penetrates the hair to replenish moisture, repair damage and restore strength.


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