Davines: RENEWING & ENERGIZING Hair Everywhere

Davines Renewing and Energizing

Just like the rest of the body, your client’s hair eventually shows signs of aging and, even more devastating, hair loss. For serious hair problems, you need serious hair solutions!

Davines has done just that with their newest NaturalTech family member, RENEWING and the reformulated ENERGIZING. While RENEWING rejuvenates the scalp and restores both health and shine to hair, reformulated ENERGIZING treats and targets hair loss. This dynamic hair duo can literally save the day!

First, let’s talk about RENEWING.

Every salon has clients who suffer from coarse texture to split ends and premature greying [you’re probably thinking of particular clients right now]. That’s where REWEWING comes in to help you help them.

Enriched with an exclusively formulated Hair Longevity Complex containing Spinach, Maqui Berry, and Carnosine, it provides strong anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and preserving qualities to counter aging. Not only will your client receive preventative care but also the much needed maintenance treattments.

BONUS: You can safely combine RENEWING with other NaturalTech products to fully respond to your clients’ needs. If your client is happy, you’re happy. That’s an easy win-win!

Now, what kinds of renewing can you start doing for your clients today?


A pre-treatment fluid that can be used before any NaturalTech treatment to enhance and increase benefits. A gentle peeling action prepares the scalp by deeply cleaning and toning.

RENEWING SHAMPOO – for all scalp and hair types.

A delicate shampoo that maintains the ideal state of scalp and hair, delivering healthy and shiny hair through the cleansing process.

RENEWING CONDITIONING TREATMENT – for all scalp and hair types.

A conditioner or pre-treatment that nourishes, hydrates and stimulates both scalp and hair.

RENEWING SERUM SUPERACTIVE – for all scalp and hair types.

A serum that can be used with other Renewing products to create a longevity regimen. With a strong preventive action, it creates a healthy and balanced scalp for beautiful and vital hair. After the first application, an immediate cosmetic effect is visible in the hairs’ shine and silkiness.


For your clients who struggle with forms of alopecia or hair prone to falling out, the reformulated treatment is now developed to prevent and treat various types of hair loss. ENERGIZING is exactly what your clients have been waiting for!

With products that not only contain the original caffeine phytoceutical but also the new Hair Energy Complex, formulated with Vitamin B3 and Green Tea Extract, Davines has been able to further prove their dedication to marrying top of the line science with the best ingredients from nature

Let’s do the math really quick. Prevent and treat hair loss + less frustration and tears = turning back the clock for your clients. Who doesn’t want a little time hairlift?

ENERGIZING SHAMPOO – for fragile scalp and hair prone to falling out.

A shampoo that cleanses and stimulates scalp microcirculation, enhancing blood flow to counter micro-inflammation of the scalp.

ENERGIZING SEASONAL SUPERACTIVE – for fragile scalp and hair prone to falling out due to seasonal changes and stress. -23% hair loss | +5% hair density

A regenerating treatment for hair loss that occurs 2-3 months after a seasonal change or stress factor. With a strong anti-inflammatory action, it reduces hair loss and improves hair density and body.

ENERGIZING GEL – for fragile scalp and hair prone to falling out due to seasonal changes and stress.

A preventive treatment that slows down seasonal hair loss by stimulating the cell metabolism to provide strength and body to fine and stressed hair.

ENERGIZING SUPERACTIVE – for fragile scalp and hair prone to falling out due to seasonal changes and stress. -26% hair loss | -18% production of sebum | +5% hair density

A concentrated treatment that counteracts hormonal hair loss and improves hair density while reducing the hyper-production of sebum, contributing to a healthier scalp.

ENERGIZING THICKENING TONIC – for fragile scalp and thinning hair .

A thickening treatment that increases the diameter of the hair fiber by 5% to create a fuller, more bodied look and denser, glossier hair.

The power to renew and energize your client’s hair has never been closer – it’s just a call away!


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