The Take Home Showcase Area

take home area

Create an organized area for Take Home products that is aesthetically pleasing and allows your clients to easily find what they need.

We’ve seen in salons upwards of 70% of their profit, before income tax, coming from take home hair care sales. The take home portion is a key part of the business. This goes without saying, and remains a bit of a mystery.  – Steve Cowan

Keep your Take Home area tidy, dust-free and stocked at all times. All products should face forward and be aligned with the front of the shelf. Little details like these will keep this space looking clean and create a pleasing shopping experience for your clients.


Grab your guests’ attention by using compelling POP to start a conversation about product features and benefits.


Create dedicated displays for special occasions like Mother’s Day, bridal season or winter holidays to create a buzz about promotional offerings and encourage your guests to give the gift of great hair.

Keep displays focused on a specific, seasonal occasion to encourage sales.


Your professional recommendation is one of the best strategies you can employ to increase product sales and foster customer loyalty. Offer your guests a way to bottle their salon experience and replicate their salon look at home with recommendations for Take Home products unique to their hair type and daily styling routine.

  1. Walk guests to your Take Home area and create a step-by-step style recipe using products that are right for their hair type and styling routine.
  2. Pull each product from the shelf as you explain the features and benefits.
  3. Provide styling tips and Take Home recommendations at the end of every reservation. Doing so can mean the difference between making a sale and letting your guest leave empty-handed.

Product knowledge is what builds the take home and profit magic.


With a foundation of four generations in the salon business, it's no surprise that PSC is the first beauty products distributor ever to join the prestigious ranks of Inc. 500’s list of fastest growing privately held companies. We deliver quality hair care products and offer innovative educational programs. We are recognized as leaders in the industry who not only apply sound business strategies, but also employ the imagination and creativity that keeps us on the cutting edge.