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Our Team

  • Caryn Pasdertz
  • Schawn Strle
  • Doug Cowan
    Director of Order Fulfillment
  • Lauren Medina
  • Steve DiNardo
  • Jennifer Mikols
    Director of External Operations
  • Steve Ormins
  • Lou Flores
    Director of Internal Operations
  • Tim Stoeckley
  • Miki Hornbuckle
    Director of Human Resources
  • Sarah Ormins
    Director of Purchasing
  • Allison Garcia
  • Steve Cowan
    Steve Cowan
    Founder and President
  • Jessica Strle
  • Tami Kevish
    Director of Salon Matters
  • Terri Cowan
    Executive Vice President & Managing Director
  • Trish Church
    Director of Education
  • Brian Bacharz
  • Dave Boley
  • Jamie Zentiska
    The Space Leader
  • Colleen Herrington
  • Andrew Kanive
  • Callie Sullivan
  • Madyson Robbins
  • Dana Tonelli
  • Kacey Rogers
  • Trisha Truax
  • Bozena Iwan
  • Christine Zobel
  • Cristian Bell
  • Caleb Jackson

  • Alex Rushing
  • Craig Cowan
  • Heather Musgrove
  • Joe Parton
  • Krissy Alstott
  • Libby Trelz
  • Olivia Cowan
  • Kelly Burbridge
  • Casey McKinney
  • Lynn Caselton
  • Aaron Horsewood
  • Tracie Stewart


With a foundation of four generations in the salon business, it's no surprise that PSC is the first beauty products distributor ever to join the prestigious ranks of Inc. 500’s list of fastest growing privately held companies. We deliver quality hair care products and offer innovative educational programs. We are recognized as leaders in the industry who not only apply sound business strategies, but also employ the imagination and creativity that keeps us on the cutting edge.