Amazing Hair for New Year’s Eve

New Year Eve Hair

Curls, waves, headbands or braids – you can rule your New Year’s Eve hair-scapades!

No matter what your plans are, Paul Mitchell has your hair needs covered. From dancing the night away to elegant dining, every strand will be set to perfection and you’ll have plenty of selfies to prove it.

Whether you’re looking for curls for days or sultry waves, Paul Mitchell’s Limited Edition Thermal Styling Brush Express Ion Style Wand Round will create the locks you long for. As this professional grade wand styles, it also pumps up the volume giving you vivacious body. Just wave your wand and watch the magic happen. No need to worry… your hair won’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight!

After you have styled your gorgeous mane with the Express Ion Style Wand Round, it’s time to protect what your mama gave you. Grab your Paul Mitchell Express Hot Off The PressThermal Protection Hairspray to shield fragile strands from damage caused by heat styling. This super spray also boosts hair’s strength, fights frizz and provides flexible hold leaving you with the best hair night of your life. The secret to this strong but gentle (yes, please!) spray is that it builds a lightweight barrier between hair and heat styling tools, while wheat proteins deliver an extra dose of strength. What girl doesn’t want an extra dose of hair strength for the biggest night of the year?

For some added hair bling, headbands are all the rage. The perfect headband gives a simple yet posh look for any occasion. Choose a sparkly one and reign like a princess or choose a more subtle one and frolic like fair maiden… it’s all up to you and you will look fabulously trendy either way. With just a few tucks here and bobby pens there, you’ll be set to walk the runway in high fashion.

Want something a little bit different? Go bananas with braids! From crown braids to a fishtail to a basic side twist, these styles are sure to turn heads and you can totally get away with unwashed hair. A braid is the just the right flirty twist that gives you sweet-meets-sexy… guaranteed to be on fleek for your big night out.

Paul Mitchell has everything you need to look and feel like royalty on New Year’s Eve!

Tally Takes On: How to Create Party Curls and Waves:

Davines’ Essential Blend

Davines Essential Blend

“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” ~ T. S. Eliot

Many of us can relate, and on that note, we are proud to introduce to you Davines’ ‘The Essential Blend’, a farm direct coffee roast from Brazil, Sumatra & Ethiopia!!

Davines is so excited to be working with the masters at Caffe Vita to bring you this sustainable whole bean coffee, as much for the taste (which is amazing, by the way), as for the communities it supports.

Caffe Vita are pioneers of the Farm Direct movement, meticulously sourcing the best coffee available while developing long-term, mutually fruitful relationships with coffee growers in more than 11 countries. They work with and invest in farmers who are committed to sustainable practices.

The Davines Essential Blend is not available at Professional Salon Concepts but can be purchased at all Caffe Vita locations and online at

Tasting notes:

Roast: Medium/Dark
Body: Smooth, Rich, Silky
Acidity: Low + Hint of Juiciness
Aroma: Chocolate, Caramel, Red Berries
Flavor: Dark Chocolate, Toasted Almonds, Cherries

*If your salon is interested in carrying the Essential Blend, please contact Dana at

The Take Home Showcase Area

take home area

Create an organized area for Take Home products that is aesthetically pleasing and allows your clients to easily find what they need.

We’ve seen in salons upwards of 70% of their profit, before income tax, coming from take home hair care sales. The take home portion is a key part of the business. This goes without saying, and remains a bit of a mystery.  – Steve Cowan

Keep your Take Home area tidy, dust-free and stocked at all times. All products should face forward and be aligned with the front of the shelf. Little details like these will keep this space looking clean and create a pleasing shopping experience for your clients.


Grab your guests’ attention by using compelling POP to start a conversation about product features and benefits.


Create dedicated displays for special occasions like Mother’s Day, bridal season or winter holidays to create a buzz about promotional offerings and encourage your guests to give the gift of great hair.

Keep displays focused on a specific, seasonal occasion to encourage sales.


Your professional recommendation is one of the best strategies you can employ to increase product sales and foster customer loyalty. Offer your guests a way to bottle their salon experience and replicate their salon look at home with recommendations for Take Home products unique to their hair type and daily styling routine.

  1. Walk guests to your Take Home area and create a step-by-step style recipe using products that are right for their hair type and styling routine.
  2. Pull each product from the shelf as you explain the features and benefits.
  3. Provide styling tips and Take Home recommendations at the end of every reservation. Doing so can mean the difference between making a sale and letting your guest leave empty-handed.

Product knowledge is what builds the take home and profit magic.

Davines OI for the Holidays

OI Holiday Kits

Hairstylists who use Davines know the magic that is in the OI line. They shared this magic with their clients and they can’t get enough of it:

I like how this shampoo made my hair feel clean, soft and manageable without weighing it down.

I loved how soft and workable this product made my hair. My hair stayed soft for several days after as well.

I have straight as a board hair. Getting my hair to hold a curl has been near to impossible my entire life. I used Davines OI Shampoo, Conditioner and the All In One Milk…on my wedding day and was able to have a full head of curls and volume all day long. I love this product, and will continue to use! Highly recommend for those with not so easy to style hair.

Make it easy on your customers this season and give them the gift of great hair!

LOVE Smoothing + OI Holiday Kit

Uniquely formulated to take charge of frizzy and unruly hair, every box includes LOVE Smoothing Shampoo, LOVE Smoothing Conditioner and OI Oil. LOVE Smoothing Shampoo is ideal for out-of-control hair, characterized by a soft and creamy foam, designed to gently cleanse frizzy hair and favor styling, making the hair smooth. LOVE Smoothing Conditioner, designed to softly condition unruly or wavy hair. Giving elasticity and hydration while straightening, this smooth operator simplifies the styling process. OI Oil soothes and tames strands into perfect submission. Comprised of strong antioxidant action, it delivers an anti-frizz protectant and prevents hair aging.

1 LOVE Smoothing Shampoo 250 ml
1 LOVE Smoothing Conditioner 250 ml
1 OI Oil 50 ml
1 Reusable Beauty Box

Wishing You Lovely Days

OI Holiday Kit

A go-to for all hair types and one of Davines’ most popular lines, every box includes OI Shampoo, OI Conditioner and OI All In One Milk. OI Shampoo gives hair extraordinary softness and delivers an abundance of volume. This beautifying cleanser is the first step in a healthy hair routine, creating a nice sheen as it improves hair texture. OI Conditioner accelerates the drying process while it protects the structure of the hair from damage caused by the heat of blow dryers and straighteners. Natural antioxidants guard hair from harsh UV radiation and heat styling, while apricot butter softens, conditions, and soothes. OI All In One Milk fully nourishes tresses while it facilitates easy combing of dry and wet hair. This miracle oil gives body without weighing hair down providing a longer-lasting hairstyle.

1 OI Shampoo 280 ml
1 OI Conditioner 250 ml
1 OI All In One Milk 135 ml
1 Reusable Beauty Box

Wishing You A Beautifying Experience

Glistening Argan Oil from milk_shake

Glistening argan oil

milk_shake’s Glistening Argan Oil + December = Perfect Holiday Hair for All

Created to make your client’s hair shine with perfection, milk_shake’s Glistening Argan Oil is on tap for big savings through the month of December. Naughty or nice, this brilliantly restorative oil treatment is designed for all hair types delivering the gift of perfect holiday hair for all. [No gift-wrapping necessary!]

With just a few drops of Glistening Argan Oil, hair is immediately conditioned and nourished giving a healthy, voluminous look with an incredibly radiant effect. Thanks to its nourishing, repairing, anti-age and protective properties, this miracle oil helps to maintain soft and shiny hair.

An extraordinary blend of conditioning ingredients leaves hair looking beautiful, right after the first application. BONUS: Glistening Argan Oil is so versatile it can be applied to wet or dry hair so it can be used before or after styling. Who does not like having more hair options?

The secret to this heavenly, hair-restoring oil is all in how it’s made. A high concentration of organic argan oil is blended with a special mix of conditioning volatile silicones (exclusive to milk_shake!). This unique formula dramatically reduces blow-drying time and deeply conditions the hair – that means less time styling and more time looking fabulous!

The non-greasy, light formula distributes easily throughout hair giving it an incredible shine and making it healthier and as smooth as silk.

Along with its deeply nourishing treatment to the hair and scalp, Glistening Argon Oil is formulated to harness nature’s goodness for a fresh and healthy look. Like all milk_shake products, it’s inspired by nature, using the power and the beauty of nature to achieve gorgeous hair for all occasions.

Made with a quality mix of professional ingredients, this fabulous oil naturally leaves hair looking gorgeous without the use of harmful ingredients. BONUS: Glistening Argan Oil smells so amazing; it’s like being carried away on a gentle breeze of freshness.

Guaranteed to meet the deepest and darkest hair needs, Glistening Argon Oil is the total hair package. Get your very own supply of awesomeness and start spreading holiday hair cheer today!


6 Glistening Argan Oil 1.7 oz.

1 Shelf Talker

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