For nearly 40 years, John Paul Mitchell Systems® has been serving the professional beauty industry with salon-quality hair care products and styling tools. The first professional hair care company to take a stand against animal testing and continue their strong commitment to giving back, supporting a wide range of philanthropic causes both domestically and internationally.


Success doesn’t happen overnight or on its own. John Paul Mitchell Systems® is a testament to the great people who work to bring the brand’s vision to life, from stylists in the salon to the platform artists and educators who inspire them. Built on expertise, creativity, and dedication, they are more than just a company—they’re a talented family, changing the hair care game in more ways than one.


Back when it all began 38 years ago, John Paul DeJoria and Paul Mitchell set out to create a company that would support hairdressers, providing the products, tools, and systems that help their business and artistry thrive. From signing a 360-year trust that ensures John Paul Mitchell Systems® will remain a privately owned, independent company, to finding unique solutions to reward hairdressers in a changing economy, their commitment to the professional hairdresser has never wavered.


Within everyone at John Paul Mitchell Systems® is the fire to make a difference. From training their Future Professionals at Paul Mitchell Schools to philanthropic partnerships aimed at preserving the planet, igniting change across the globe is just another part of their culture.