evo™ is a family owned and operated, Aussie born and raised brand that has been providing salons across the globe with top-notch professional haircare since 2005.

At evo™, they intend to give anyone and everyone good hair. No miracle cures, gimmicks, hyped-up ingredients or answers to love, life and other woes… just quality, professional haircare that speaks the truth with personality.

From humble beginnings to big ideas, their mission has remained the same: “saving ordinary humans from themselves.” They do this by challenging the status quo… to get people thinking for themselves, so that they can inspire positive change while providing honest products that respect people and the planet.

They’re a full concept professional haircare brand that puts performance and people first. They don’t shame ingredients or greenwash, instead they create the best performance products they can while respecting people and the planet. Each gimmick-free product is made for anyone and everyone. They’re easy to understand and simple to use.