Tradition Evolves.  Real tools for the beauty of men.

DEPOT® celebrates the tradition of male grooming with a new and evolved perception of male beauty. The sophisticated yet simple specific products that make up the range are modern must-haves based on traditional formulas: true classics updated for the man of today.

DEPOT: a contemporary, advanced and simple approach to male grooming.  In a male market that is constantly changing, where many men are returning to old-fashioned barbers for a tailor-made shaving ritual, others are turning to hair stylists for a cutting-edge look or haircut, or they’re finding the comprehensive attention they need at the new barber salons that combine the past and present: this is DEPOT.

DEPOT offers a full range of male products to meet the demands of a changing male market, adapted to fit their needs.  Specific, high quality products with a strong identity were created for demanding professionals in the male market.

DEPOT The male tools & Co.  For the well-groomed modern man.  A product line that revisits the original formulas of classic male grooming treatments, with modern, sophisticated, and technologically advanced reinterpretations.