milk_shake: Truly Creative Color

Truly Creative Color

Artists of all kinds find inspiration in nature. Everywhere they look, the colors found in the natural world are astounding.

We hairdressers see this too: from the rich, deep browns of soil, to the slivers of different shades in the bark of trees, all the way to the breathtaking spectrum of pale yellows, warm golds and soft oranges in a sunrise.

The sheer breadth of the color inherent in nature is ample springboard to run wild. With milk_shake Creative Permanent Color, the only limit is the imagination.

A quest in this inspirational playground is in the translation. The colors in nature are so varied and complex, at times next to impossible to create a stunning work of art.

The tonal shifts found in the natural world seem to be difficult to replicate, due to the limited flexibility of hair color.

An over dubbing of shades can muddy the waters. Colorists have relied on intricate placement to bring out the overall effect of a richer tonal range, rather than seeing the effect arise from the color itself.

Creative Color, milk_shake’s innovation, is a change for the better. The possibilities for vibrant, full-spectrum color are endless. With 15 intermixable tonal series, the potential combinations are staggering.

Each tone is designed to be mixed and matched with the others in the range to provide clear, brilliant results. There’s been a breakthrough: If you can dream it, you can replicate it.

With this incredible array of possibilities comes the ability to completely customize your vision for each individual client.

Mixing the proper tones and tempering them with either the clear or high lift counterpart, depending on the guest’s individual needs, we draw the ideal results from what we and our guest wanted to see.

The advanced formula developed for Creative Color has milk_shake’s signature repairing and restoring qualities.

This merger of the best of nature and cutting edge technology gives us superior results, while keeping the integrity of your guest’s hair intact.

SLS and Paraben free, with low ammonia content, Creative is designed to make sure the health of the hair is not harmed in the course of processing.

Nurturing honey and an innovative amino-acid complex provides 18 plant-based amino acids. These replace any keratin derived from animal sources, a more sustainable way to provide healthy results.

The color at reveal is complex, brilliant and shining with health. There is no limit to what you will creative with long-lasting results that will keep your Creative Color masterpiece intact and safe from fading.

Ligh[10] Blue Power

Ligh[10] Blue Power

This innovative concept formula of tonalizing powder bleach lets the professional hairstylist create highlights and, at the same time, dampen the yellow tones.

Work with the certainty of treating guests to hair that is soft, comb-able and shiny. Silk proteins and an advanced conditioning agent, Polyquaternium-10, makes it all happen. This agent makes the difference, only too happy in the course of the process to trigger the bonding of protein with the conditioner.

Originally, stylists had the 2.2 lb and 4.4 lb packs at their disposal. milk_shake added the more convenient 1.1 lb size.

Independent artist, concept education team Color Ambassador, Tammy Cox is true blue. “What I love most about ligh[10] blue is it’s superior lightening power. By far, the greatest off the scalp lightener I’ve ever used!

“The consistency is creamy and easy to apply. The product doesn’t swell or bleed either! It’s made with silk proteins and conditioning agents. The result is shiny hair that maintains its integrity.

“The blue tone softens brassiness during the lift process as well, perfect for use in foils or for use in free hand, balayage techniques.”

ligh[10]blue is versatile and adaptable to every lightening technique known to the creative colorist. Go with the 10, 20, 30 or 40 volumes, depending on the levels and the speed of processing time for each level.

Perfect results are obtainable. Suggestion: Use the mixed compound right after it is prepared on dry, not shampooed, hair. After use, re-seal the plastic bag.

Here are more raves:

“The most versatile powder I have ever used in all my 20-plus years in the industry. I can achieve slow, gentle, and clean lift with the 5 vol emulsion.”

“I can achieve complete full head lift with the 30 vol peroxide, my end result being hair that is shiny, uncompromised, and very style friendly. And a scalp that doesn’t even know it’s been through such an important process. The best lightener I’ve ever used, superior to any.”

ligh[10] bleaching is a line of professional bleaches and oxidizers. ligh[10]controller gel toners are efficient, gentle and tone the hair after bleaching or if the hair is white.

The four effective and delicate tonalizers are white, platinum, light ash blonde and natural blonde. Mix one part of ligh[10]tone controller with one part of ligh[10] oxidizing emulsion.

Each of these has a specific tone, and a different tonalizing power, which wields perfect control of undesired after-bleaching tones.

These go a long way to add shine to natural grey hair and blend faded partial bleaching, while bringing out a new brightness to the hair.

milk_shake Curl Passion

milk_shake Curl Passion

Do those guests with the naturally curly hair know how much they’ve been blessed? concept has the idea. They have reserved special places in “the curly side of your style” world with milk_shake’s Curl Passion line.

Lush cuts! Simply soft waves! Wavy hair is a wonderful thing. Unleash the most flattering main attractions with milk_shake Curl Passion. Defined styling, no doubt, and the tamed frizz is in. By all means, avoid humidity and the wrong product. Avoid the wrong styling recipe.

With Curl Passion, the styling artist in us makes the magic happen: the definition, the most natural look, the healthy and elastic curls.

milk_shake Curl Passion shampoo

A shampoo for curly hair, naturally enough, curl passion cleanses gently. Count on the hydrating and conditioning factors to fizzle out the frizz.

The formulation is powered on coconut oil sugars and the extracts of grapefruit, apple and peach. These live deep in the core of those long lasting curls. Everybody can tell by the elastic, conditioned, shiny hair.

Clean and hydrated hair looks healthy and naturally full of body and shape. The hydrating and moisturizing at the root keeps hair strong and healthy, and promotes the formulation of natural curls.

Use: Apply to damp hair, massage, rinse. Repeat if necessary. For better conditioning, follow with curl passion mask.

milk_shake Curl Passion mask

For curly hair, this is a rich mask that eliminates frizz. Grapefruit, apple and peach extracts, Jojoba oil and shea butter are at the heart of the long lasting curls, leaving hair elastic, conditioned and shiny.

A cocktail of vitamins, trace elements and fruit acids, provides an invigorating and strengthening effect. The hair is soft and velvety.

Shea butter, rich in vitamin E, hydrates and naturally protects from sun rays, restructures scalp and hair. More hydrating elements keep the hair structure balanced and build a resistance to humidity.

Use: Apply on clean and damp hair. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes, comb, rinse.

milk_shake Curl Passion designer

Tame curls and eliminate frizz with Curl Passion which has specific polymers on the case to bring about a molding and conditioning action.

Designer works in the forming and conditioning touches. The active ingredients promote and work at the formation of long-lasting curls, leaving the hair elastic, conditioned and shiny.

Anti-static, film and fixative agents provide softness and shine, eliminate static electricity. Special polymers condition the hair. Dry and wet hair are easier to comb. The great volume is there for keeps.

Use: Apply on damp hair, massage to obtain defined and shiny curls.

milk_shake Volume Solution

milk_shake volume solution concept has taken the guess work right out of the hair body battle. Guests will appreciate being introduced to the milk_shake Volume Solution family.

These three breakthroughs are the ideal solutions to lifeless normal and fine hair. Turns guests on to these master volumizing wonders: Volume Solution Shampoo, Volume Solution Conditioner, Volume Solution Styling.

Flailing against fine, fly away hair? With active volumizing ingredients, aloe vera, and thickening agents, this shampoo helps provide body, strength and density. Apply to wet hair. Lather and rinse. Repeat if necessary. What a solution! What materializes, from out of nowhere, for normal or fine hair is a most welcome weightless volume. Who knew?

Volume Solution Shampoo is an award winner for milk_shake in the cleansing game. There are even more is perks: bodifying strength, density and retention of style.

What goes into this? Polysaccharides obtained by micro-algae, in contact with keratin, produce low weight sugar molecules to restore body to the hair. The volume is glamorous. Panthenol, (aka pro-vitamin B5) hydrates, conditions and thickens hair diameter. We are seeing fewer and fewer split ends. Moisturizing glycerin conditions the scalp and achieves a balance in hydration. Aloe vera calms and soothes the scalp and hair. Conditioning and hydrating agents working into the hair fiber produces a flux in flexibility.

Enjoy the renewed life in hair. Too much? There’s no such thing. Get even more enhancement by following up with the conditioner and the styling formulations.

The conditioner detangles and provides weightless volume.  Active volume builders, milk proteins and aloe vera help provide body, strength and density. Count on long lasting results. Expect nothing less than that glamorous volume.

Panthenol hydrates, conditions and thickens the hair diameter to reduce the formation of split ends. Glycerin, a moisturizer, helps maintain the scalp and balanced hydration of the hair. Aloe vera is a calming and soothing relief for scalp and hair. Conditioning and hydrating agents improve hair flexibility. Apply uniformly on clean and damp hair. Comb and rinse.

Volume Solution Styling is ideal with blow dryers, rollers, curling iron, flat iron, or free hand. Rice and wheat proteins work a strong integrative and conditioning action on hair’s structure and cortex.

Glycerin is a moisturizer for the scalp and for a balanced hydration of the hair. Aloe vera has a calming and soothing influence too on hair and scalp. Vaporize and distribute uniformly on roots and lengths. Massage and finish with the desired styling.

You just can’t go wrong with milk_shake’s Volume Solution line!

2016 Hair Color Trends

2016 Hair Color Trends

milk_shake salons and guests are ready to get a jump on the seasons ahead. Break out the latest color trends for 2016. The colorist in all of us can most certainly provide the spark. 

There’s just no getting around it. Sun-lightened, balayaged Californian hair is here to stay, but here are definitely some exciting new transformations everyone will be bragging about.

Merlot hair

Whether we go for the burgundy, plum, aubergine or claret, the wine colored tints are definitely a way to make a statement. There are many hues to choose from and simpatico with all skin tones.

For the adventurous more than ready to give this trend a try, milk_shake eggplant direct color is a sure fired way to a beautiful plum colored result. There’s a sublime perk for the guest: incredible shine.

Opal hair

Silver hair has turned out to be an incredibly popular change on the scene. We all know what evolved and sprung from this breakout: the birth of opal hair.

For this, the salon world needs to work from a very light base, preferably bleached. The trend relies on the pale, cool tones to bring out the mottled opal effect.

Even better, let the guest in on discovering the great fun in creating this styling sensation. Yes, we will be mixing the milk_shake direct colors with everybody’s favorite Whipped Cream!

‘Ronze’ hair

First, there was bronde. The experiment didn’t end there. Now, there’s ronze. This is for all redheads out there. A mix of red, copper and bronze brown tones, ronze compliments all complexions.

Don’t wait for the guest to ask. We’re the experts. Just let them know where they fall on the ronze scale. Make the eye-catching recommendation. Without that, there’s no pay off for anyone.

  • Natural brunettes, by the way, do very well when they embrace the beautiful rich amber tones.
  • Redheads are perfect for the opulent intense copper tones.
  • Blondes will go for a beautiful strawberry/rose blonde.

To keep the color good as new for longer and longer spells, what is essential? Use the great products. milk_shake has a fantastic technician range in color specifics.

Acid color sealer is an absolute must have product for color technicians. After a color service, the sealer balances the pH level. This locks in that beautiful color before the time comes to shampoo.

To keep the color lasting for weeks afterwards, with unbeatable shine, there is no match for milk_shake incredible milk. Simply spray the desired amount into the hands and apply evenly through the mid-lengths and ends.