Incredible Milk Raves

PSC_Incredible Milk Raves

Incredible Milk, Best Hair Treatment 2016

A best-selling leave-in conditioner for milk_shake, with 12 hair transforming properties, Incredible Milk is an intense spray mask. The 2015 award winner caught on this year with the Beauty Short List Awards.

Not only is there strong protection against those harmful UV rays, Incredible Milk repairs all hair types, maintains color, serves as a heat protector, detangles and maintains style.

This miracle-making treatment from concept adds maximum shine to locks, creates body and volume and puts major control on the frizz. Last but not least, Incredible Milk eliminates and prevents split ends, makes straightening a breeze and smoothes the cuticle.

The does­-it-all formula blends organic active ingredients: Muru Muru butter, glycolic fruit extracts (blackcurrant, raspberry, papaya and mango) and milk proteins.


Angela: I’m obsessed! I absolutely adore your Incredible Milk! Using the Incredible Milk and the Integrity system, my hair was transformed from dull, frizzy and frustrating to soft, lustrous and easy to manage.

I used to have to use heavy frizz creams, hair spray, and a blow dryer to tame my long, wavy locks which only made things worse in the long run. My hair was dry and damaged from all the abuse I put it through.

Now, I only have to use a few “spritzes” after washing and conditioning with the Integrity system. My hair is perfect! I’ve never had such amazing results. I am so happy that I found milk_shake!

Sherri: I have tried pretty much all of the milk_shake products and love them all. I tell all my friends. I even bought a lot for the holidays and gave them as gifts to family.

Nancy: I love all my milkshake products! Incredible Milk leaves my hair soft and shiny. I have many compliments since I started using milk_shake. It helps your hair 12 different ways.

I love that it’s an everyday shampoo and conditioner. The smell is out of this world. I recommend it to my family and friends.

Audrey:  I love milk_shake products! The leave in conditioner has brought my hair back to life! My hair was broken off, and kind of scorched from bleaching. I also believe it makes my hair grow faster. Love it.

Ernestina:  My husband tells me my hair is super soft and supple. He’s always running his hands through it when we are sitting side by side. I love it because my hair color lasts much longer and it does make my hair feel really healthy. Thanks for a great product.

Summer Hair Repair

Summer Hair Repair

It’s only Spring, but Summer will be here before you know it! You definitely want to be smart in how you and your guests take care of your hair during Summer, but if somehow you still end up with Summer Crunch, and you need serious hair repair, you need to know how to undo the damage of sun, salt water, chlorine and other summer hair hazards.

Here are some useful hair repair tips via concept.

-> The number one issue in the summer is the pool and all that chlorine. We should let our guests know about our lakes and ponds, too, with the algae and chemical runoff from farms. An immediate recommendation is Deep Cleansing Shampoo after every swim, which is SLS free, cleansing the hair deeply, and gently, maintaining the hair’s moisture balance. The milk_shake shampoo contains fruit extract, honey extract and, of course, milk proteins.

-> Follow up with Active Milk Mask to restructure dry and damaged hair, or Active Yogurt Mask to condition natural and color treated hair.

Milk is a primary component of good health, the first natural resource of nourishment for newborns, containing all the necessary proteins, amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins. Yogurt is just as rich in proteins, lactic acid and vitamins. Combined with the natural care mask base, the yogurt mask is an intense protector of natural and treated color.

The base helps create soft and nourishing masks with the most pleasant sweet milk fragrance. The magic here is in the avocado, rice oil, honey and fruit extracts. These natural care masks are key steps to nourish and promote the well being of hair. Beyond these, there are even more temptations to ward off hair damage.

 -> Leave In Conditioner is a detangler with the delectable scent. This conditioner has Integrity 41 and vitamin E to form a protective shield from UV rays and help to maintain hair color.

-> Glistening Spray, a polisher for frizzy hair, gives shine, eliminates static electricity, improves manageability and helps to maintain the hair’s moisture balance, essential for humid days!

-> Out in the blazing sun at a ball game, or working in the yard, milk_shake lifestyling products create a natural style and have UV filters to protect hair color. Pick and choose from the milk_shake natural lifestyling finds: styling potion, smoothing cream, shaping foam, liquid designer, sparkling glaze, eco-mist styler, open air, texturizing paste.

-> And there’s always the Sun & More four step program:

  • All Over Shampoo is for hair and body.
  • Beauty Mask is a deep mask to be used after every shampoo.
  • Pleasure Oil is an oil and emollient for hair and body.
  • Restorer Milk nourishing and protective for all hair types to soften and hydrate hair during and after sun exposure.

These summer hair repair tips should help you get your hair back to beautiful working order!

milk_shake Color Specifics

color specifics

Stylists just have to make the quantum leap in color. They can’t help it. There’s a new way, from milk_shake and concept, via some breakthroughs in Color Specifics and Color Care.

Color Specifics: Deep Color Complex

An additive for technical hair color services, Deep Color was specifically formulated to improve the intensity, coverage and stay power of color. Extra perks here in the course of the service is protection and conditioning. Count on extra shiny and extra silky hair, with an extraordinary vibrant and longer lasting color.

Active ingredient: Every product contains quinoa proteins for exceptional vitality, color intensity, shine and protection of chemically treated hair.

Use:  Prepare the color formula by following instructions on the packaging. Add 3 ml of additive for every 50 g of color. Proceed with the service as usual.

For example, prepare the color formula and add 50 g of creative permanent color, 75 g of oxidizing emulsion of the proper volume (100 g of oxidant to 40 vol for ultra blondes). Add 3 ml of deep color complex, mix and proceed with the application of the mix as indicated on the color instructions sheet.

Recommendation: Before applying any hair color or lightener, take a preliminary sensitivity test as instructed on the packaging/instructions sheet of the color product.

Color Specifics: Safe Lightener Complex

This concentrated additive for technical lightening services enhances the process, specifically formulated to restructure and condition during the service.

Use: Prepare the lightening mix by following the instructions on the packaging. Add 5 ml of additive for every 30 g of lightening powder. Proceed with the technical service as usual.

For example, prepare the lightening mix adding the equivalent of 30 g of powder, 35 ml of cream oxidant of the most suitable volume to a measuring bowl of light [10] white. Add 5 ml of safe lightener complex, mix and proceed with application as indicated on the lightener instructions sheet.

Color Care: Deep Color Maintainer Balm

This is a bomb of an intensive maintenance conditioner for color treated hair. What’s more, this conditioner works just as effectively to achieve the ultimate long lasting color.

The secret formula to long lived color is an effect of a concentrate of specific active ingredients for optimal retention and color stability. An exceptionally protective and detangling formula provides the spice in the softness, shine, strength and lightness to the hair.

Use:  Apply to clean, towel dry hair, leave in for a few minutes, comb through and rinse.

2016 Long Hair Trends

2016 Long Hair Trend

We ask the questions that every girl with long hair wants to know. milk_shake stylist, Shelley Pengilly, knows to the quickest way to make a new spring style statement.

What are your long hair trend predictions for 2016?

Long and undone 70’s chic will be a popular hair style this year, as the shorter styles of 2015 begin to phase out. We will start loving longer length hair again. Forget the high maintenance TOWIE look. It’s gone for good and just looks dated. Easy, healthy-looking, effortless beauty is where it’s at.

What do you think are the best color options for long hair right now?

Ecaille Blending will be the color trend that replaces the ombre and balayage methods of 2015. The Ecaille, or “tortoise shell” technique, takes three or more sympathetic shades and works them through the hair to create movement and a more subtle color result. Bonus: if you have thin hair, this style can add dimension and give the appearance of more volume!

Overall, I predict a movement towards more natural color. There will be less and less of the harsh platinum trend that was made popular by Kim Kardashian, Perrie Edwards and The Haute Pursuit founder Vanessa Hong.

Share your celebrity inspiration – which celebrity styles do you love at the moment?

May not be long, but I just love the way Jennifer Lawrence has amped up her bob with a blunter cut in an ice blonde shade. This is making her look less girl-next-door and more screen siren. This blunt bob has proved to be a popular style recently and flatters most face shapes.

What’s your hair hero product for long hair from the milk_shake range?

Over winter, I started using milk_shake incredible milk.  With the 12 transformative effects, Incredible truly improves the manageability and overall condition of long hair effortlessly.

As temperatures drop it helps to up the intensity of your treatments and this leave-in conditioner is just perfect for girls on the go!

One piece of advice for someone who is bored with their long hair right now?

If you find you are throwing all that fabulous hair into a pony tail, and not sure quite what to do with it, ask your stylist to layer it up! Taking away some of that weight could give you a new lease of life without the commitment of a drastic change. Alternatively, a fringe is a great way to change your overall look with plenty of options to choose from! Finally mastering those braids is also a great way to add to your repertoire of looks. With a head full of hair the possibilities are truly endless.

milk_shake Smoothies Revolution

smoothie revolution

Discover the hair color with the unforgettable fragrance, a sensory experience of pure pleasure and well being, nothing less than what there is in milk_shake smoothies.

This conditioning semi-permanent color from concept is tone on tone conditioning and ammonia free to bring out the brilliance and vitality to our guest’s hair.

Smoothies are a conditioning cream; 41 mixable, well balanced, and brilliant nuances that help the stylist accomplish so much.

  • Shine light on a natural base.
  • Produce intense, bright and natural color contrasts.
  • Offer grey coverage.
  • Give tone or shade to discolored or blond hair.
  • Strike a balance of light and color contrasts.
  • Serve as a venue to color for men.
  • Provide a great option for guests who desire an easy-to maintain color.

Fruit, milk, honey and cocoa extracts are the secret ingredients. These are at the heart of each tonal series of colored creams, with unforgettable fragrances: blueberry, cocoa, strawberry, papaya, honey, milk.

Each of the smoothies is a soft and semi-permanent color which produces vibrant colors and incredible shine, excellent for bringing tones or shades to colored and dis-colored hair or to light contrasts.

Ideal for grey coverage with bright, lasting and very natural masking. concept created Smoothies to unleash the most beautiful hair ever and, for salons, to win over an even bigger following.

To achieve the maximum conditioning and expression of color, milk_shake took advantage of the mix of ingredients that promote the beauty and well being of the hair. Milk proteins have a supplementary and conditioning effect on hair structure. These increase the volume and elasticity as damaged hair is repaired and restructured.

Organic honey acts as a conditioner and emollient. This brings out the shine. Honey is protective, regenerates, enriched in vitamins, with antioxidant and elasticizing properties. Integrity 41 is a complex antioxidant to boost the life of the color. The complex protects and repairs natural and colored hair against UV radiation and harsh shampoos.

Organic sunflower oil helps to protect and regenerate hair. A rich presence of vitamin A, C and E aids the hydration and nourishment of each hair fiber. We see the result in the soft and silky hair. Amino acid complex is yet another building block, making hair more elastic, easy to comb and style. This complex protects against damage due to aging, prevents breakage, reduces frizz, with more brightness.

Extracts of papaya, strawberry, blueberry and cocoa are vitamin, emollient and antioxidant agents. These act too with anti-inflammatory, revitalizing and soothing effects.

Recommendation: Begin with a technical diagnosis to determine the hair’s natural level, percentage of white hair, typology of hair, desired result.