milk_shake’s Silver Shine Whipped Cream

PSC_ milk_shake Silver Shine Whipped Cream

milk_shake is introducing Silver Shine Whipped Cream
for blond and grey hair. It removes unwanted yellow tones
and leaves your hair soft and shiny!

There are definitely times to splurge and times to cut back. Less is not always more and more is not always best. How many times have you been out and about and stopped for something refreshing and the question is posed, “With or without Whip?” It’s a legitimate question because the answer changes daily for most people…most of the time because it depends on mood or because it depends on what you can or cannot afford to splurge on at any given time

When we are talking hair, let’s decided that we want to go with Whip, it does enhance right? milk_shake has created a Silver Shine Whipped Cream; you will simply fall in love with for a number of reasons.

milk_shake silver shine

For the blonde and grey hair color, milk_shake is offering the Silver Shine Whipped Cream as an innovative answer to riding hair of those off yellow tones. All hair types have their own unique needs and milk_shake is making it part of their mission to address these needs. This is hair product is tailored to specifics, not just generalities.

Milk does do a body good and milk_shake does hair good! Silver Shine Whipped Cream contains milk proteins to condition and restructure hair, leaving it soft, supple and manageable while preserving and maintaining hair color.

You’ll get EVERYTHING YOUR HAIR NEEDS because milk_shake has made this formula with protein. Your hair will spend the day being fed with the protein it needs to be stronger – all you have to do is choose to use milk_shake Sliver Shine Whipped Cream.

This is must-have product from milk_shake has a wide range of unique qualities. Whipped Cream is perfect as a detangler that leaves your hair moisturized, smooth and deliciously silky. And what would something so AMAZING be without a divine, heavenly scent? The smell of milk_shake Silver Shine Whipped Cream will truly follow you all day. It’s another reason why this product is loved – its unique vanilla fragrance as well as its conditioning properties. Scent is one of the most powerful selling points when it comes to consumer choice. When something smells good clients tend to believe in the product good. The amazing thing about milk_shake is that they don’t just make a product and settle for scent as the selling point, they combine high quality and character then pair it WITH divine scents…so you are not just getting a product that have passed some random focus group scent test.

milk_shake stands on the integrity of high quality products that smell GREAT.

milk_shake Leave In Conditioner

PSC_ milk_shake leave in conditioner

Leave in conditioners are a gamble; hoping to find one that works just right for your hair, it’s a complicated decision. Some will leave you with the greasy look, while others simply just do not work, but milk_shake Leave in Conditioner is specially formulated to ensure you look beautifully protected.

milk_shake Leave in Conditioner is formulated for both dry or normal hair and gives manageability all the while protecting the hairs structure and moisture balance.

Balance is a gift really…even the slightest shift can cause a chain reaction of off-balance disaster, so milk_shake is a gift you are giving to your hair and your hair will thank you!

Who remembers Milk Does A Body Good or Got Milk? While milk_shake isn’t trying to prove the tried and true childhood naggings of mothers everywhere, the proof is really in the pudding. Milk holds the key to many different benefits. Let’s all collectively sigh as we say, Mom was right.

Now that we have established that milk is incredibly important can you see the profound connection between this importance and the brand milk_shake? They have harnessed what has been known for centuries and infused it into products that will have your hair healthy and strong. You will notice a difference and you will be able to clearly link it back to your purchase of milk_shake products.

milk_shake Leave in Conditioner contains milk protein, fruit and honey extracts, Integrity 41 and Vitamin E. These are not just a list of ingredients; they serve the purpose of protecting your hair.

The Summer season is designed to be out enjoying time with family, with friends, by the pool, or beach. We are under the sun and in the summer the sun is at its hottest and strongest. It is during the summer months that we are even more diligent in protecting our hair. So spray on the leave in conditioner and know that your hair is protected by the best.

Leave In Conditioner is almost like “Set It and Forget It.” Just spray it on and go about your day while your hair is strengthened down to the structure. Revitalize and shine happens without a second thought and those nasty UV rays will bounce right off leaving no opening for burn. Even for color treated hair, milk_shake Leave In Conditioner will help maintain and preserve hair color.

Where else can you get all this? You CAN’T and so milk_shake is putting their money where your hair is – July purchases are 20% off! Call your Salon Consultant for details: (815) 744-3384

Milk_shake Safe Lightener Complex

PSC_ Milk_shake Safe Lightener Complex

milk_shake Safe Lightener Complex is an in salon only product.

With all that Guests throw at their hair and while life tends to send stress and hormones through their follicles, they try to counter with chemicals and make changes that seem harsh, but necessary.

The picture of beauty may be achieved, but at what cost? What damage is lying on the scalp? But, what if we told them there is a gentler way to get everything they have ever wanted? What if all the stress in the world can be washed away and chemicals don’t have to be a daily choice anymore?

Companies fight for their attention with claims and concepts that seem amazing, but milk_shake is just going to take it down to the bare basics and make pure beauty win again! It’s okay for them to want a little more for their hair color. It’s even better when in wanting more they discover that less is brilliantly more than you ever dreamed!

milk_shake Safe Lightener Complex is concentrated with specific additives for technical lightening services. It is specifically formulated to restructure and condition hair, favoring and at the same time improving the lightening process. Hair is not just left with shine and silk. milk_shake gives them extraordinarily shiny and silky hair. It’s brilliant!

milk_shake is successful because of its natural and dedicate approach to hair care. milk_shake hair products are inspired by nature and their philosophy is simple: use the power and beauty of nature to achieve amazing looking hair for all occasions. milk_shake products are made using milk protein and fruit extracts along with yogurt proteins.

milk_shake is perfect for your Guests hair, whatever the hair type. Free of parabens and silicones, this is just all natural goodness. A gift you give their hair as it gives back ten fold in flowing, gorgeous, beautiful locks!

Be sure to use the Safe Lightener Complex with your next guest, if it fits the bill. Their hair is conditioned during the lightening phase which improves the safety of lightening. When Safe Lightener Complex says it is specially formulated to restructure their hair this is what makes it a break-through technology.

All the structures of their hair are identified and brought together again in a way that makes them stronger and more powerful. Their hair will actually be stronger for having been treated by milk_shake. Let loose and restructure what the good Lord gave ya! milk_shake, Safe Lightener Complex.

Award Winning Milk_shake

PSC_ Award Winning Milk_shake

milk_shake continues to break new ground
with the award winning Daily Frequent shampoo,
Daily Frequent conditioner and Energizing Blend shampoo.

These hair care go-to’s have scarfed critical acclaim already this year for concept. With such a strong showing in the UK, a trending in the US can be expected.

Not surprisingly, the Daily Frequent duo grabbed the attention of the prestigious Hair Magazine Awards panel. Their verdict: these are the stand alone best in daily hair care.

Another seal of approval soon followed from the Social & Personal beauty awards. The experts were gaga enough to select the Energizing Blend thickener as Best Shampoo.

What better time for guests in the PSC circle to discover how milk_shake can make the difference in getting our daily hair fix. Your guests are busy. We know they’re sports nuts. We know they’re party animals. They will thank us for our professional recommendation, finding out they have Daily Frequent to take care of their hair.

Gently and actively every day, let guests know, they can cleanse and condition for perfect, detangled, and vibrant hair. Start with the deep cleansing shampoo. Designed and formulated for all hair types, the shampoo is SLS free and removes styling product residue and chlorine from the hair.

As gentle as this deep cleansing is, the fruit and honey extracts and the milk protein work to maintain the balance of moisture in the hair. Apply to wet hair, distribute then rinse. Repeat if necessary. It can be used on lengths and ends to free hair of residue left by styling products or chlorine Best used before technical services such as semi-permanent color, tone over tone or direct color, relaxers or perms.

For increased conditioning and protection, follow with Frequent conditioner for the moisturizing and protective properties. The paraben-free formula leaves the hair soft, vibrant, shiny and hydrated. Apply to clean damp hair, Lleave in for a few minutes if necessary, then rinse.

milk_shake’s top rated Energizing Blend shampoo is an organic botanical extract-based treatment. Essential oils enhance hair growth and density. The entire Energizing range is designed to thicken thin, weak and fragile hair while stimulating the scalp, hair and body.

Energizing shampoo is for fine, thinning and fragile hair, cleanses deeply but gently respecting the scalp and hair. Natural growth agents in the organic rosemary, sage and Fioravantibalm extract purifies, fortifies hair and stimulates the scalp to provide an optimal environment for new hair growth. concept Fashion Day concept Fashion Day concept NYC Fashion Day

We’ve conquered the daily grind. Time to get away? Ready for the concept hair show in New York? Let’s live the magic of the Big Apple! Picture a most unforgettable experience.

Look and Learn Fashion Event:
Here is a special Avant Garde Hair Style presentation, in an absolutely unique setting. See how, with concept Hair Fashion, to bring the dreams of your guests to life. What is more promising than a rather unique hair event with international stylists? When it comes to once in a lifetime opportunity, no one should miss out.

Monday, October 24, 2016, 3 – 5 pm

The Look & Learn takes place at the elegant design venue of the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W 18th St., in the heart of Manhattan’s hip Chelsea district.



BE INSPIRED concept has banded together a group of Italian, North American and global stylists. This is the A-Team demonstrating the highest standards to celebrate their ideas and creativity. This is an occasion to see a preview of the newest and most recent trending hair up close, to live the art of the cut, the color and the style. Tickets are $200.

Exclusive Hands On Event:
Yet another grand dose of concept theater follows the next day. Featured on stage is a cut and color from the latest concept collection.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 10am – 3pm

Join us, new friends and new teammates, at concept USA Headquarters: 333 Rt 46 West, Fairfield NJ. Limited to 15 attendees, the Hands On is an exclusive engagement.

Tickets are $175, which includes transportation from Manhattan and lunch. Realize a savings by booking the Hands On at $150 by June 1. concept USA is exclusive representative of milk_shake and No Inhibition brands in North America. The two product lines are part of the family, the young, innovative and dynamic Italian brand. products make great hair easy to achieve. There is everything stylists and guests need to look amazing 365-days a year: never-fail styles, solutions for frizz and limp tresses and dull color and hair loss.

milk_shake hair products are inspired by nature. The philosophy is simple. Use the power and the beauty of nature to achieve amazing looking hair for all occasions.

No Inhibition products symbolize an increased sensitivity towards the environment around us and well-being obtained through conscious daily choices.