The Dress Code from milk_shake

One of the mistakes people make when styling their hair is using the wrong type of hair dryer.

Not all blow dryers are created equal.

It’s important to know what type of tool you are working with.

DRESS CODE from milk_shake
made in Italy

Treat hair with simplicity. This blow dryer is versatile and easy to use.

The Dress Code from milk_shake smooths even the curliest hair, leaving it bright and shiny. Its contemporary design includes easy and intuitive controls, and the ergonomic shape and ultra-lightweight materials reduce weight and avoid tiring even the most delicate hand.

The Dress Code concentrates air and heat optimally, while consuming a low amount of energy. This technology increases performance and saves energy because it achieves results in less time and consumes less. The Dress Code also guarantees low electromagnetic emissions, while maintaining a reputation as the most powerful retail dryer available.

And because you always want to look your best, especially when working, the Dress Code compliments your style, fashionable colors and contrasts inspired by the famous Louboutin shoe. This dryer is as sexy as it is powerful.

About Elchim Blow Dryers

Our goal is to create health and well-being of the hair-stylists and their customers; this is achieved through light-weight, balanced, quite, efficient, ionic and ceramic technologies. By using this line you will get the most ergonomic professional tools available today and with a highly-advanced technology to seal the hair cuticles and preserve hair integrity and shine. In two words: healthy hair.

7 Facts about the Dress Code from milk_shake
  1. Ergonomic design
  2. Ultra lightweight material
  3. Low electromagnetic emissions
  4. Ceramic and infrared heat system
  5. Long lasting professional motor
  6. Diffuser included
  7. Designed, tested and manufactured in Italy

Call your Salon Consultant now at 815.744.3384 to take advantage of a special savings being offered on this fantastic product.

milk_shake Curl Passion Designer

October Product of the Month

You’ve heard every comment out there about curly hair, either for yourself or from clients…

“Is your hair natural? ”
“No, I do this every. single. morning…”

‘This is how long my hair looks…and this is how long my hair really is.”

“Can I touch it?!”

…and it just makes the issues with curly hair worse. Instead of the moans and groans, and dreading the upcoming weather forecast (nemesis: humidity), we have a better idea.

Curl Passion Designer

milk_shake curl passion designer not only tames those curls but eliminates frizz by using specific polymers with moulding AND conditioning actions. It’s the natural ingredients (grapefruit, apple and peach extracts) combined with specific active ingredients that helps to maintain long-lasting curls, leaving hair flexible, conditioned and shiny.

If you haven’t had a chance to try out mik_shake’s curl passion designer, the time to do it is now! If you purchase 6 Curl Passion Designers (5.9 oz) you can save 20%! concept wants to get this amazing product in your hands and on your clients’ hair.

Be sure to call your Salon Consultant at (815) 744-3384 and ask about this Product of the Month. concept – Go Pink


GO PINK: Less Cancer, More Birthdays!

This October, milk_shake invites you to join their GO PINK Breast Cancer Campaign to provide diagnostic breast cancer services to women in need. For the third consecutive year, a portion of milk_shake limited edition Go Pink product proceeds will be donated to National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Now that you know why, it is time to break out the pink! Treat your hair and stock your salon with three milk_shake bestselling products while supporting the fight against breast cancer. This year, you will have exclusive access to limited edition Leave In Conditioner, Whipped Cream and Incredible Milk in pink bottles. To make sure this promotion reaches hair colorists everywhere, these items will be offered at a special price equaling big savings.

Go Pink Leave In Conditioner is designed for normal or dry hair that gives manageability while protecting its structure and moisture balance. Milk proteins give strength to the hairs structure and fruit and honey extracts revitalize and give shine to the hair. Integrity 41© and Vitamin E protect from UV rays, helping to maintain hair color.

Go Pink Incredible Milk is the perfect multi-tasker – an intense spray mask treatment for all hair types that has 12 hair transforming properties including repairing, frizz control, preventing split ends, heat protection, maintaining lasting style, detangling, shine, adding body and volume, making hair easier to straighten, protecting and maintaining colour and smoothing… All in one bottle! This gorgeous multi-tasking wonder banishes the need for multiple products with its blend of organic active ingredients including Muru Muru Butter, glycolic fruit extracts (blackcurrant, raspberry, papaya & mango) and milk proteins conditions.

Go Pink Whipped Cream is a no rinse conditioner as well as a protective creamy foam for all hair types. A deep and protective leave in formula with milk proteins that condition and restructure the hair, giving softness and manageability without weighing the hair down. Integrity 41© helps to maintain hair color.

Go Pink Mix = Free Products & Materials

  • 9 Color Maintainer Shampoo
  • 9 Color Maintainer Conditioner
  • 9 Leave In Conditioner


  • 1 Color Maintainer Shampoo
  • 1 Color Maintainer Conditioner
  • 1 Leave In Conditioner
  • 1 Go Pink Brochure
  • 1 Go Pink Shelf Talker
  • 12 Go Pink Balloons

Be sure to call your Salon Consultant to place your order and GO PINK!

Deep Color Maintainer Balm

PSC_Deep color maintainer balm

milk_shake’s Deep Color Maintainer is the BALM!

Guaranteed to intensify your client’s hair passion, milk_shake’s product of the month Deep Color Maintainer Balm is exactly what you need to mix it up and create fresh, natural looks. September is the month you can save big and style big!

Deep Color Maintainer Balm gives ultimate long lasting color plus conditioning. This deep balm is an intensive conditioner formulated with a concentrate of specific active ingredients for optimal retention and color stability for treated hair. With exceptionally protective and detangling formula, it leaves hair soft, shiny, strong and light at the same time.

Buy in September – Save 20%

Because concept likes to keep milk_shake au naturel, Deep Color Maintainer Balm is a paraben-free zone. The active ingredients include quinoa proteins, giving chemically treated hair exceptional vitality, color intensity, shine and protection. All active ingredients are selected for color treated or lightened hair, completing the formulas, making them unique and dedicated to every hair need.

All milk_shake are inspired by nature, using the power and the beauty of nature to achieve amazing looking hair for all occasions. These organic hair products are made with a quality mix of professional ingredients including milk proteins and fruit extracts.

Bonus milk_shake Buys – All 20% Off

Creative Permanent Color contains conditioning and protective cosmetic base that maintains hair integrity and conditions shaft. Concentrated formulas and high percentage of pigments guarantees a perfect grey coverage, intense reflexes, truthful in the different shades and long lasting. This color perfectly covers grey hair, gives absolute shine and vibrancy. Purchase 12 tubes of any concept hair color (Creative Permanent, Smoothies or Multicolor) and get an exclusive Collection Step by Step book FREE. Contains 4 haircuts and 4 coloring techniques.

Silver Shine Shampoo keeps your blonde locks healthy and vibrant. Specifically designed for blonde or grey hair, this shampoo is a delicate cleanser containing a violet pigment capable of counteracting yellow tones in natural or lightened blonde hair, or grey or white hair. Check out the new packaging and fragrance!

Silver Shine Whipped Cream is a must-have beauty secret for blonde hair. Formulated to gently neutralize yellow tones in natural blonde, lightened blonde, grey or white hair whilst delicately conditioning. Enriched with organic mixed berry extracts and milk proteins, both Silver Shine Shampoo and Whipped Cream leave hair looking brighter, shinier, softer and healthier.

SNEEK PEAK: October Product of the Month – Curl Passion Designer makes styling curly hair easier than ever. It has both forming and conditioning action; its active ingredients favor the formation of long-lasting curls, leaving hair elastic, conditioned and shiny. Tame your curls and eliminate the frizz by using specific polymers with a molding and conditioning action. Grapefruit, apple and peach extracts and specific active ingredients help to maintain long-lasting curls, leaving hair elastic, conditioned and shiny.

milk_shake Open Air Hairspray

milk_shake Open Air Hairspray-3 concept and milk_shake work together so well that they have once again expanded their styling family! Let’s welcome this new addition to the FAMILY! milk_shake’s Open Air Hairspray is here – EXTRA STRONG hair spray.

Open Air Hairspray conveys a medium and natural support to the hair. It fastens and maintains a long-lasting styling and makes the hair bright, thick and thriving. Filmogen and fixative polymer enables the duration of any hairstyle with a memory effect, conveying flexible hold and solar filters increase protection from solar rays.

This extra strong Open Air Hairspray has a NEW and IMPROVED formula with a great new fragrance. milk_shake hair products are a huge hit all over the world because of their natural and dedicated approach to hair care, in the full meaning of the term.

With every addition to the milk_shake product line you can be certain that there is not just company buzz and excitement happening…the style world is always on top of the buzz as well. The products are developed to fill a styling need that is crying out for help. The anticipation for the product is so exciting that ANNOUNCING each new addition is just as special as announcing the arrival of every bundle of joy! concept and milk_shake take pride in announcing new products to clients. You will love the product and love showing it off to your clients. There are so many details about milk_shake’s lifestyling Open Air Extra Strong Hairspray and the sexy stylish look of the Open Air products. You will want this in repertoire as you bring hair to life with your incredible style abilities. milk_shake is dedicated to complimenting your skill set with a product line that works.

As the stylist, your artistry is always on display, and you and your clients need products that inspire greatness. Great hair…great technique…great quality…great creations and recreations.

Simple, natural greatness…it seems to be an easy choice, but in the styling world, so many products are vying for your attention and time. Products that make claims they can’t keep, promises that are unrealistic…don’t fall into the traps set by some of those style giants. Find the tried and true and then share it within your profession as well as with your clients. milk_shake is not some style secret that can’t be shared.

milk _hake hair products are inspired by nature. Their philosophy is simple: use the power and the beauty of nature to achieve amazing looking hair for all occasions. And milk_shake’s lifestyling Open Air Hairspray is just the kind of refreshment you and your clients have been looking for…so ENJOY!