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milk_shake created a range of delectable hair treatments to leave hair looking gorgeous and smelling divine naturally.  milk_shake Cocktails have been studied carefully to suit each hair type and hair need.

Direct Colour Shakes are the only direct color treatments which conditions, with a conditioning for radiant color and incredible shine. The unique scent of concept’s best-selling milk_shake conditioning whipped cream, combined with milk_shake direct color, is a light color revival.

  1. Decorate the glass with about 3-5 ml of the chosen milk_shake direct color shade.
  2. Fill the glass with about 5g of milk_shake whipped cream.
  3. Add more direct color into the glass for a total of about 15ml for the treatment.
  4. Mix the direct color with the whipped cream evenly.
  5. Apply to clean, damp hair with delicate and gentle gestures.
  6. Leave in for 10 minutes. Rinse well.
  7. Apply the the most suitable milk_shake leave-in treatment and styling products for the blow dry.

All of the milk_shake direct color nuances can be used for this treatment. The most suitable nuances are the brown, silver, beige blond, golden blond, copper, light red, deep red, powder and eggplant. For bleached or white hair, reduce the setting time.

To complete the treatment, you can always try the new milk_shake argan cocktail!   This delivers the perfect hydration and shine. Combine the unique scent of the milk_shake conditioning whipped cream with the benefits of milk_shake glistening argan oil for a healthy, shiny result.

LA Femme et L’Homme

There is one certainty that will always exist all over the world: the presence of both women and men. This may seem to be so logical and something taken for granted. Question: what does this actually mean for humankind? There will always be the female and the male. Let everyone celebrate both equally, for their flaws, for their admirable qualities and, most of all, for their unique beauty. See all, know all, be all. concept gets right to the heart of the matter with the collection LA Femme et L’Homme.

The global approach to hair fashion of LA Femme marks a point of departure. Creativity becomes connected worldwide like never before and becomes a common concept, made unique only by the ethnicity and culture of each woman. The geometry of hairstyles and cuts is inspired by the past. Here is a letting go of old concepts and habits, to renew free expression and experimentation. Sensuality is constructed, not forced, through flexible and structured shapes. Color becomes the unsung hero, the creator of light and elegance.

Revisit the era of the Classic cuts, with a contemporary twist. L’Homme is the expression of identity through fashion and look, to create a sense of belonging, being unique and yet part of the crowd. Rugged and clean cut, the unkempt yet high maintenance male is both confident and aware. These are defiant men with the ultimate desire to succeed. Their understated, aloof sexiness creates an aura of mystery with effortless style. These cuts capture the glance of passers-by who have a refined eye.

No Inhibition

No Inhibition | concepts

We love no inhibition from concept!

This product is a sophisticated and elegant hair styling line that takes you on a journey into an elite world made of contrasts, colors and shapes to create, define and reach perfection. Fancy!

We have great respect for concept’s ingredients in no inhibition hair products because the source of their origin shows commitments to the environment and the consciousness of it’s users. Did you know that technological formulas are used in the production of this styling line? It contains patented organic elements, protecting the hair structure during and after every phase of styling.

This is what they’re about…

Inspiration: no inhibition is inspired by very important personalities in the history of cinema, style, transgression and good taste. Men and women whose image will forever survive in the universal culture. Brigitte Bardot. James Dean. Iman. Madonna.

Appearance: Products are displayed on a black background and brought to life by lead colors orange, purple and anthracite (fancy Greek word for ‘coal-like’). This color combination conjures a more luxurious and exclusive world. These three shades symbolize destination, the path to creativeness, and refined design.

Eco-Sensitiveness: Organic ingredients create an ethical commitment to the environment and to the sensitivities of it’s users. The unique characteristics of the guarana extracts refresh and invigorate the hair while hydrating and strengthening it with every application.

Fragrance: no inhibition is characterized by an elegant scent with three sets of notes which unfold over time. The senses are immediately hit with the smell of mandarin, grapefruit and peppermint, which then leads into a deeper smell of rose, cinnamon and spices. Incredible, right?!

milk_shake integrity system concept milk_shake

We LOVE variety! We were all created with different desires and styles. For our more natural lovers, this system is what you need. The milk_shake integrity system is an innovation based on a very simple principle: to restore the hair’s natural elements! concept’s active ingredient in the milk_shake range is a tribute to the sustainability of natural elements, and a tradition borne, not in modern times, but of legend. Sounds very Xena Warrior Princess, but even the Women of the Amazon know and use the miraculous properties of the Muru Muru seed. The Muru Muru butter combines with the Amino Acids Complex, a mix of plant amino acids. The two active ingredients penetrate the hair with proteins and nutrients.

Muru Muru butter is rich with fatty acids to help nourish, soothe and moisturize the hair. The butter is rich in vitamin A, which repairs, nourishes, and restores the health and beauty of the hair. It’s amazing how it penetrates to the heart of the hair strand to work in synergy with the hair’s proteins.

And for those of us who have abused our poor locks, the milk_shake system can bring our hair back to full health.  The results are immediate…we’re talk some SHINE!

Nourishment for fine hair: Start with nourishing shampoo. Finish with nourishing conditioner.

Nourishment for coarse hair: Start with nourishing muru muru butter. Follow with nourishing shampoo. Finish with intensive treatment.

Restructuring treatment for dry or damaged hair: Start with integrity booster. Follow with nourishing shampoo. Go to integrity repairing hair. Finish with nourishing conditioner.

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