No Inhibition Age Renew

No Inhibition Age Renew

We know the dream of every woman is healthy, shiny hair. Mission accomplished is just lovely. Even so, we know what lurks around every corner. At the drop of a hat, we are watching for signs of the beauty spoilers: age…stress…chemicals. What can be done to maintain the beautiful mane?

No inhibition has the answer: Age Renew

No inhibition and concept developed the innovative system that has what the hair needs to ward off the process of aging. Paired with technology, the natural ingredients activate instant “lifting” and “filling” while protecting and strengthening the hair.

We crave maximum shine and with Age Renew we’re seeing and loving the brilliance! The natural ingredients balance the moisture between scalp and hair, giving the hair more body, leaving the hair less porous while acting to protect color and hair from UV rays. We love it!

Age Renew contains the potent anti-aging antioxidant Hyaluronic acid, the age-reversing Melitan to stimulate rejuvenated and vibrant hair for everyone to see, and the luster of Organic Rooibos or “red bush” to enhance natural or treated hair color.

There is a luxury shampoo for home-use in Age Renew and a revitalizing mask. Both are free of paraben and sulphate. For all hair types, there is a daily defense cream. This leave-in cream is a stickler against split ends and controlling frizz. You will LOVE the long-lasting results: healthy and radiant.

milk_shake Creative Permanent Color

milk_shake creative permanent color | Professional Salon Concepts

Try creative permanent color on for size!

milk_shake has permanent color for everyone – a color cream of 72 nuances with natural honey and milk proteins. The honey fragrance is amazing – a heavenly application of pleasure if there ever was one. A 5 oz tube of translucent mixed 1 part color to 1.5 parts developer is super economical. Expect the results to be simply impeccable.

This permanent color is ultra versatile. Here’s the count: 10 tonal series, one corrective series, and one ultra blond series. Natural Plus is the newly enhanced gray coverage series for level 4 through 9. And a bonus: a natural booster can be mixed with shades to increase the lift and can be used as a mild bleaching gel. We love it!

The Naturals: The three primary colors of this neutral, basically cool series strike a balance. A balance of golden and copper tones creates the neutral warm Exotic naturals. Mixing cooler and warmer tones yields the refined, rich, intense and vibrant Sensual shades. The artist in us can blend golds, coppers, reds, and ashes to our hearts content!

What is the milk_shake secret? Their patented NanoBioGenious Technology system makes all the difference. The active ingredients in the formulation are concentrated as extremely small particles, in the multi-layered nanospheres, for quick and easy penetration and deep long-acting action. We’re loving the outcome because the hair is restructured, strengthened, and moisturized. How can you not love the lasting shine and color?!

milk_shake Sensorial Mint

milk_shake Sensorial Mint | Professional Salon Concepts

milk_shake sensorial mint shampoo is a sensation!

Invigorating and refreshing – as gentle in the cleansing as you can find anywhere. Hate your hair after taking a beating in the gym? Or in the heat of summer? Well, don’t.

We love our hair more than ever, knowing we have the perfect solution for a fresh, clean, and cool hair + scalp. Enjoy milk_shake sensorial mint shampoo fully optimized when used with sensorial mint conditioner and the fabulous new sensorial mint spray! Here’s your new gym motivation!

Discover the new sensorial mint range – organic minty freshness for the beauty of your hair.

This is a rather unique moisturizing treatment, combining protective milk proteins and fruit extracts with the scalp invigorating properties of mint and sage. \

Here’s our energizing ritual for your hair:

Sensorial mint shampoo is a delicate one. The SLS-free formula from the green bottle contains organic mint extract to hydrate and invigorate scalp and hair. Use this shampoo as often as you want. No worries, especially in the scorching temperatures at the height of summer. The refreshing mint leaf fragrance is lovely. (We’re spoiled.)

Sensorial mint conditioner picks up where the shampoo leaves off, with organic mint extract, to moisturize, invigorate and protect the hair. The conditioner leaves the hair soft, vibrant, shiny and hydrated without weighing down the hair, and nourishes and refreshes the hair and scalp. There’s that mint leaf fragrance again! (We’re really spoiled!)

milk_shake treatments

milk-shake treatments | Professional Salon Concepts

We just love the milk_shake treatments by concept!

We love hair so deliciously healthy and beautiful. milk_shake designed some delectable hair treatments for the wild, natural look: divinely fragrant and gorgeous. And of course, there’s a treatment for every type of hair and need. We’re all in!

Mask Base: Mix the restructuring mask base with one of the four powders: cocoa, papaya, yogurt, milk. Each of the creamy formulations is a treat with a pleasant and sweet milk fragrance. Nestled in the inner and outer layers of the hair, for staying power, the mask base binds with the milk and yogurt proteins or the cocoa and papaya vitamins.

The active ingredients hydrate and condition for softness. Fruit extracts give the hair new life. Honey extract conditions, softens, and protects against damage. Silicones soften the hair for manageability and shine. Integrity 41, the patented agent, protects against adverse weather and provides radiant color. We want that!

milk_shake repairing treatment: The repairing treatment is perfect for chemically treated hair and hair damaged by the environment…it is so nourishing! Milk proteins and fruit extracts revive the hair. You get a better shine and softness from the first application. Again, Integrity 41 come through to help seal in color.

Kelly Scott Coolidge, Complexions, Indianapolis: milk_shake treatments are simply amazing!  Very few, if any, product lines can boast of treatments that are so natural that they’re edible!  Salon guests all agree the aromas are delightful, and the result is instant and long lasting.  Never mind the steady stream of new salon revenue.

milk_shake treatments | Professional Salon Concepts

no inhibition Multi-Color

no inhibition Multi-Color | Professional Salon Concepts

Stylists, don’t be satisfied with just coloring your clients’ hair! Make sure the hair looks young and healthy too. no inhibition created the first SLS-free color that guarantees a brilliant result and rejuvenates. As if illuminated from within, the hair discovers its original beauty.

Five things to know about no inhibition Multi-Color:

  1. concept selected state of the art pigments for long-lasting brilliant color.
  2. The formula of the cream is perfectly balanced. Minimal ammonia content guarantees perfect results.
  3. Beeswax soothes the hair, hydrates and softens when applied to dry hair.
  4. Vitamin C protects the fragile nature of the hair and adds health and strength.
  5. SLS-free Formula: the delicate surfactant used is cocamidopropyl betaine, extracted from plants. Multi-chrome, an age-defense complex, provides softness and radiance to color and restructures the hair.

These five points have caught on in a very big way with PSC’s concept stylists and educators:

Paolo Bivona, Snap Hair, Chicago: no inhibition Multi-Color is the best color I have worked with in my plus 20 years career, great vibrant tones, true color. And color fading is, in my experience, nonexistent. After the hair is processed, I feel that it feels better than it was when I started!

Scott Coolidge, Complexions, Indianapolis: My transition from my previous color line to no inhibition Multi-Color has been so easy. With ease of formulation, unparalleled shine, and predictable results, I couldn’t be happier!

Mary Beth Paul, Tres, Joliet: The beauty of Multi-Color is the absolute ease of use. The transition is seamless and the results are flawless! The broad spectrum of colors is a colorist’s “best friend.” I have found when using Multi-Color, the integrity of the hair improves tremendously. Having a beautifully colored, shiny and healthy head of hair sit before me is a dream. Multi-Color brings that dream to life.