Sporty and Chic

Sporty and Chic

Ready for concept’s Spring Summer collection? We are and it’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for. The fashion world is embracing the Sporty and Chic trend – worlds made for each other.

We’re catching up with the featured looks in the fashion world; what with traditional sportswear styles being used in combination with the classy, non-sporty looks. Voila, the name Sporty & Chic. And we’re just loving this!

These sometimes extravagant pairings are much more than basic and fundamental artistic expression. Looks created with the magical qualities of the elegant and the sporty are so trendy and express the desire of the individual to make every moment, even the most glamorous, full of comfort and relaxation.

The key concept of the Spring Summer 2015 concept collection is the “duality in unity,” hairstyles which combine minimal forms with a bit of movement. We can’t say how delighted we are with this compliment to the graduated and defined world of cuts.

We love the style: casual and sophisticated, accentuating the dual spirits of a woman, a smart street style, a fresh mix of elegant, chic, feminine clothes with elements from the world of sport, for an original look and original cool!

The freshness of this season’s fashions in clothes and hair, and the chic duality that is now visible leads the world of hairdressing to a host of break out changes. We can live in harmony with the radical to apply the finishing touches, as the inspired artists that we are.

milk_shake Integrity Intensive Treatment

milk_shake Integrity Intense Treatment

Here’s something we can really count on: the milk_shake integrity system. We can make the most sudden transformation in our hair with no muss, no fuss. Oh OK, we can fuss, and still get immediate results when we want soft, shiny, healthy hair! concept works the magic through the effective agents in the formulation: Muru Muru butter and amino acids complex. Damaged hair is solved with the right quantity of restructuring elements found among the plant amino acids in the complex.

Working on the hair, amino acids complex restores and protects the structure of the hair. We can see the improvement with our own eyes and so does everyone else! This is our go-to system. Regular use of the integrity system guarantees the shine. We just love this!

And beyond the shine, just wow! There’s the protective and polishing for the final result of radiant and healthy hair. Integrity Intensive treatment is the deep nourishing treatment for all hair types with organic Muru Muru butter.

With the Muru Muru butter, you know, we are gaga organic. Here’s a specific formula that deeply nourishes the hair and eliminates frizz. What else you need to know: Integrity Intensive treatment is a deep nourishing treatment for all hair types.

Integrity Intensive treatment seals the cuticle and gives softness, shine and de-tangles the hair. What’s more, Integrity Intensive treatment preserves the integrity of hair color. What else do we want to say? We simply love our milk_shake integrity system!

No Inhibition Multicolor

Color really should be more than just introducing a new hue. The test of great hair color is whether we can see and feel the years melting away. No Inhibition is spot on at the heart of the matter with Multicolor.

Stylists and clients can count on this permanent color for the most brilliant color ever. There’s more magic in store…Multicolor rejuvenates the hair. Practically self-illuminated, as the hair would appear, we’ve recovered the beautiful hair we all know and love!

There’s some spectacular at work here. Multicolor acts as the launch pad to previously unknown radiance, as the result of the mix and concentration of active agents. These ingredients are what nourish and radically brighten the hair.

Can’t say enough about this breakthrough. As unique and rich as this permanent color cream is, the use of this SLS-free color is simplicity itself. There is a wide spectrum of 90 shades, all with staying power, all rich and natural. Gray coverage is a snap, fully 100%.

Going for the finishing touch and the knockout look, No Inhibition created the double-treat of permanent color. Multicolor guarantees eye-catching appeal. The formulation is balanced perfectly and ammonia content is minimal.

Beeswax in the formulation soothes, hydrates and softens the hair. Vitamin C protects and strengthens the hair. The delicate cleanser in the SLS-free formula is derived from plants. concept selected state of the art pigments for long-lasting brilliant color.

Just love it.

The Art of Matter

The Art of Matter

Existing on the Earth, as we live and breathe, we matter. We in fact are made of matter. We are beings of substance. Everything surrounding us is, in principle, matter. The essence of being is at play with the concept collection: The Art Of Matter.

Each of us can feel the power of matter and movement in the very fiber of our being. The power is not just in movement per se. We move in the emotional; in the spiritual. Movement transforms us. Our matter becomes magical.

Everything we see, touch, smell, hear, taste, can be instantly sensed as amazing, personal, deep experiences. For this to happen, matter does not exist on its own. As implied by definition: “a physical substance in general, distinct from mind and spirit, that (in physics) which occupies space and possesses rest mass, especially as distinct from energy.”

Matter observed and known for what matter is simply cannot be complete in total without the human. The fusion of matter with mind and spirit is what conjures the essence of beauty and the beautiful. All that is really needed is a way, a vessel, something to express the true potential and vision.

In this thought provoking collection, we can say matter lives through the nature of women, who, through the artistic and sensual interpretation of being, express the beauty of oneness, wholeness and the infinite.

Bad Habits Ruin Hair

Bad Habits Ruin Hair

We want to let you in on a little secret…

We damage our hair, every day. Who knew? 

We use way too much product. We knot the tightest ponytails. We expose our hair to too much sun. Even with our daily beauty routines, we really need to be more careful.

Over-Shampooing: Washing our hair everyday makes us feel super clean, right? Fine, go ahead. Shampoo every day! But be sure to restore the health of your hair with Daily Frequent Shampoo and Conditioner from milk_shake. It won’t strip the natural oils from your hair and scalp.

Over-Brushing: We’ve all heard the saying: brush one hundred times for volume and shine, but that can lead to breakage and split-ends. However, if you use soft brushing it helps to spread those natural oils into each strand. So die-hards be sure to use a moisturizing leave in treatment. milk_shake’s Whipped Cream or Leave in Conditioner maintains the natural strength. Brush away!

Flat Ironing, Blow Drying: Turning up the heat amps up the damage. We knows this, right? Heat causes temporary damage to the hydrogen bonds in your hair. So be sure you’re protecting your hair before using those heating instruments.

Exposure: Sunlight can contribute to the breakdown of hair’s protective hydrolipidic film, which helps to retain moisture. Too much exposure and you’ll get dry, brittle strands that can become frizzy and unmanageable. Definitely needs some love from milk_shake’s Integrity line!

milk_shake’s Integrity line protects against daily damage and nourishes hair, from the inside out. Frequent use eliminates frizz and promotes incredible shine. The secret ingredient? Muru Muru butter is all about stronger, healthier, shinier, truly beautiful hair. Just what we all need and are looking for!