Desmond Murray

Desmond Murray

Award winning hairdresser Desmond Murray makes the seemingly unachievable behind the chair very achievable. Check out the concept star stylist on June 29 at The Space. The Look & Learn is 10am-12pm. The Workshop is 10am-5pm. The program features the creative artist’s greatest hits.

  • Looks Straight From the Runway
  • Fashion Forward Styles
  • Modern Every Day Finishes
  • Creating Different Looks in Minimal Time
  • Avant Garde Hair
  • Fast Finishing Tips for Behind the Chair

Desmond constantly pushes himself to achieve new heights. The Beauty Industry recognizes his dedication, passion and creative work in both hairdressing and photography.

He was already in the British Hairdressing Awards Hall of Fame for hair artistry when first named Men’s Hairdresser of the Year by the BHA. Fellow photographers then honored Desmond for Best Photographic Collection of the Year.

This international award touted his hairdressing and photographer dexterity. Eventually, Desmond’s vision and photography helped nine salons reach the finals of the prestigious British Hairdressing Awards.

Desmond can boast of a long list of celebrity clientele. He’s worked with the likes of Beverley Knight, Craig David, Tori Adams, Julia Roberts, Elle Macpherson, Denise Van Outen, Beverly Knight, Will Young.

Loyal clientele appreciate his ability to be able to create anything from high fashion styles to classic do’s using his afro and Caucasian hairdressing expertise.

You do not want to miss this opportunity! Call to reserve your spot: (815) 744-3384

milk_shake no frizz

milk_shake no frizz

Humidity is definitely not our hair’s best friend! It drives us crazy! Humidity = bad hair day. But… there’s no reason to settle for a bad hair day. concept has the recipe to take the drama out of our lives and treat us to the frizz-free day we love and deserve (yes, deserve!).

milk_shake No Frizz Glistening Serum is an anti-frizz hair styling product to use before or after styling. Natural oils and vitamins work to remove unwanted frizz. Which means our hair can look great and feel healthy all day long.

Glistening Serum smoothes and adds extreme softness, manageability and comb-ability, striking the optimum internal hydration balance on the hair. Just rub a few drops in your palms and apply on the hair.

milk_shake Glistening Spray helps eliminate unwanted frizz by adding a beautiful shine with natural appearance. This hair spray uses date seed extract, Abyssinian oil and a mixture of conditioning volatile silicons. Count on long lasting results, radiant shine and no static electricity. Spray lightly, after styling, about 8 inches away from hair.

milk_shake Glistening Milk eliminates frizz with instant hydration and shine. Get added protection for the hair shaft against thermal tools during drying. Enjoy the extreme softness, shine, manageability, comb-ability.

Glistening Milk helps maintain the optimum internal hydration balance to the hair and preserves the integrity of color. Apply with a massage, on clean and towel dried hair. Do not rinse. Comb and proceed with the styling. Apply after styling to improve the appearance of the hair and rock out those curls!

Milk Protein for Your Hair

Milk Protein

Milk protein is one of the most nutrient rich proteins, the concept team knows, due to the amino acid content. No other protein carries as much anti-irritant and protective properties.

You’ll notice increased manageability and body. Milk protein carries restructuring and healing properties too. These benefits reach an optimal balance and are building blocks for your favorite milk_shake and no inhibition products.

Does your hair lack protein? Wet your hair, grab about an inch of your hair between your fingers. Based on how your hair reacts to stretching you can find out whether your hair needs moisture or protein. Moisture is needed if the hair doesn’t stretch at all and breaks easily, or if the hair feels extremely rough and brittle.

Protein is needed when your hair stretches a long way and then breaks, or doesn’t break at all, or is limp and feels gummy. If your hair stretches just a little, and then returns to its normal length without breaking, the amount of protein and moisture in your hair is balanced.

If your hair lacks body, moisture, resilience, shine, length, or gloss milk proteins might just be what is missing. There are two main types of protein in milk: casein and whey; which both benefit your hair.

A diet low in protein may cause hair to thin or go dormant stage and stop growing. Healthy hair is a direct result of a healthy body. A nutritious diet which includes milk proteins may result in thick, shiny hair.

Be sure to check out the concept milk_shake products that can help you achieve your hair’s healthiest results!

Have a Milk_Shake Summer


We’re ready to do what it takes to keep our hair beautiful, especially this time of the season in the sun, the open air, the sea and the beach!

milk_shake and concept know the dangers and helter-skelter nature of summer. They’ve weighed in with the go-to product for us: Sun&More Incredible Milk.

Incredible Milk, the original leave-in spray mask treatment, already springs a dozen surprises on the hair:

  • Protects against UV rays + Repairs all hair types + Protects against heat + Maintains color
  • Detangles + Maintains style + Provides maximum shine + Builds body and volume
  • Controls frizz + Fuses and prevents split ends + Strengthens with ease + Smoothes the cuticle

Love the result: the soft and silky hair with the incredible volume we crave. It’s suitable for all hair types: color treated, natural, fine or coarse, straight or curly.

Sun&More Incredible Milk is more of the magic, in a blue bottle. Adding even more sun filters, milk_shake made their new creation highly resistant to damage by the sun.

Summer Incredible Milk wraps the hair in an invisible screen to protect the hair from the sun’s UV rays.

Summer Incredible Milk hydrates. Active ingredients restore the hydration level of the hair.

Summer Incredible Milk nourishes. A dynamic combination of conditioning components makes hair appear healthy and bright.

UV protection is a must for color treated hair. UV rays cause color fade, which can leave hair dull, warmer in tone and very brittle.

To prevent this, use milk_shake Color Maintain Shampoo and Conditioner.  After washing, prep hair with Incredible Milk. No worries while we play in the sun!

milk_shake whipped cream

milk_shake whipped cream

Don’t you just love the whipped cream foam leave in?! Our hair looks and smells amazing. This magic in a bottle from concept makes it so easy to style.

milk_shake whipped cream is a no-rinse conditioning and protective creamy foam for all hair types.

Milk proteins in the formulation that condition and restructure the hair, brings on a softness and manageability without weighing down the hair. Integrity 41 helps to maintain the color.

This whipped cream was a huge discovery for us. One of our hairstylists turned us on to this product. What a find! With whipped cream, the aroma reminds us of cake. Other mousses can’t match the love. This whipped cream looks like it belongs in the dairy case.

Can anything be easier? Just shake well. Draw some whipped cream, holding the can upside down. Massage into clean and towel dried hair. Style any way you please.

Milk_shake whipped cream is specifically formulated to condition hair, maintain the optimum moisture balance and preserve the integrity of the color. This is the soft and creamy, comfortable and fast way to condition hair.

We love the instant softness and the comb-ability. We love the versatility of use. Say bye-bye to static electricity and bummer frizzy hair. We forget all of that. With the pleasant fragrance of sweet milk, and the soft and shine of the strands, our hair has never been so full of vitality.