Short Hair for Fall/Winter

Short Hair for Fall/Winter

Short hair guru, British Hairdressing Awards finalist and milk_shake showman, David Baker has a sharp eye out for the latest celebrity hair trends, especially those about to hit the streets.

Have some guests who are ready to jump for the chop? milk_shake ambassador DB has the do’s and don’ts of the Shorter Styles of Fall/Winter.

Who and what are the key influences this time around for short hair?

I’m drawn to a few faces at the moment. Rita Ora is starting to become an iconic artist, not only in pop, in fashion. Her hair is perfect for shorter and softer styles. I think we’re going to see a lot of Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansen and Anne Hathaway sporting trendy short hair styles.

Is there a statement short hairstyle that we can expect? 

In the last year or so, we have been moving towards softer, longer and more versatile hair shapes that encourage waves and movement in the hair.  This isn’t going to change. My advice is to keep the length short and the cut sharp with lots of structure. And balance it off with plenty of texture and softer outlines.

There is a real influence from classic 60’s style short hair coming in, with an 80’s softer finish. Look out for it!

What about variations for different face shapes?

This season, styles are short, they are softer shapes.  To flatter each and every face shape, this season’s short hair styles mean the hair is so versatile that you can really create signature style to compliment each individual’s features.

Firstly, define the face shape before adapting the style to work bone structures, foreheads and width and length of the face.  Staying flexible and bespoking your hair work will do this.

What should we recommend for guests?

A shorter shape, with length in areas: on the top, to be like actresses Scarlet Johansen and Lilly Collins, short and feminine. Let guests in on the secret: the beauty and attractiveness of a “long texturized crop,” as this covers all bases.

Where can we find inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere.  Check out relevant hashtags on Instagram, browse gossip mags and glossies. Find inspiration on Pinterest and Google images. Try to take lots of ideas from lots of images.

Take a few seconds to show your collection to guests. Recommend what you see and believe to be the best styles for them. Listen to what the guest has in mind. Guests appreciate our interest and expertise. They come to us as a personal advisor and confidant. It’s our time, and a very special time at that.

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Milk_Shake Silver

milkshake silver

Yes, this shampoo is purple, but don’t let that fool you! milk_shake’s Silver Shampoo and Conditioner is designed for women and men with blonde, silver, grey or white hair. Just about the total spectrum behind the chair.

Hairdressers and guests can count on the purple pigments to make the difference, to neutralize the brassy yellow tones and restore hair to the original beautiful color. This Silver phenomenon is winning friends:

First purple shampoo that’s actually worked on my hair! Love this stuff! -Nina

I have white hair so I really like this shampoo. It helps keep the yellow out. It’s very potent. So don’t leave it on very long, unless you want a lot of color. I just wash and rinse. I have left it on longer and didn’t like the result. It does wash out the very next time. -Betty

There is a specific pigment combined with conditioning agents such as fruit and honey extracts and milk proteins to eliminate the amber tones, leaving the hair soft and radiant.

The concept innovative formula contains:

  • a specific pigment to neutralize unwanted yellow tones,
  • fruit extracts that condition the hair for the greatest shine,
  • honey extract to condition without weighing down the hair,
  • milk proteins for a deep replenishing and conditioning action on the hair structure,
  • the formula is SLES-free

But we’re not done! 😉

milk_shake has more outstanding products…be sure to head over to concepts to check them all out. concept Return to Nature

Return to Nature concept set out on day one to stand out, in the beauty industry, as the return-to-nature movement. Z philosophy is just that compelling: restore the natural state to hair. This guiding principle is in every milk_shake, no inhibition and professional hair care product in the family.

From shampoos and styling products, to color and bleach, products do more than just perform the primary task. These products treat and condition hair inside and out. Guests and Hairdressers appreciate the company’s secret formulas. What hair buffs would not love the proper mix of natural ingredients and the cutting edge innovations in hair care technology?

Founded 1999 in Italy by Ivano Panzeri, the mission of concept is to inspire Hairdressers with the best business solutions possible. Ivano wanted Hairdressers to be able to provide their customers with the highest quality products and services. After all, the greatest business growth is born in sales and customer satisfaction. concept, USA is, of course, the exclusive representative of the milk_shake and no inhibition brands in North America. These product lines are part of the family, a young, innovative and dynamic Italian brand offering professional hair and beauty products worldwide.

milk_shake hair products are inspired by nature. The philosophy is direct and to the point simple: make the power and the beauty of nature create, for all occasions, the most amazing hair.

The active ingredient is milk protein. This is one of the most nutrient rich proteins due to the complete amino acid content, anti-irritant and protective properties. What does this mean for all of us behind the chair? Enjoy the greater manageability and full body hair, more hydration and elasticity than ever.

milk_shake features a range of shampoos, conditioners, intensive hair treatments and styling products that are perfect additions to the daily hair ritual. One particular attraction and strength of the brand is how the research and development in the milk_shake labs matches just how consumers need and want to style.

Create an icon of style! This is the no inhibition theme for the sophisticated and elegant in hair. Take the journey into the elite world of contrasts, colors and shapes to create, define and reach perfection. no inhibition products do symbolize a heightened sensitivity for the environment around us and the well-being obtained through conscious daily choices.

Ingredients in no inhibition formulas show the utmost respect for the point of origin of each. There is a commitment to nature and the sensibility of the modern consumer. Technological formulas used in the production of this styling line contain patented elements to protect the structure of hair during and after every phase of styling.

Food for Healthy hair

Food for Healthy Hair
milk_shake has the Food for Healthy Hair!

We know all the cosmetic reasons for the all-consuming craving for healthy locks. Hair is the sure telltale sign of our overall health. Experts at milk_shake and concept agree on a basic certainty.

A healthy diet, accompanied by informed and smart changes in lifestyle, can make our hair and health looking as luscious as ever. What is well-known is that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables turns out to be essential and forms the core of the nutritious, balanced diet.

This is the cornerstone to the healthy lifestyle and promotes beauty, health, and happiness. What we choose to be our food reflects on us too, in the mirror, in the beauty of our skin. The concepts of the nutritional world have never been more intriguing and relevant. We are taking better care of our health and our beauty.

“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” was this year’s theme for the Universal Expo in Milan, in the heart of land, a showcase of nutritional innovation, culture, tradition and creativity.

Yes, we have the power to create the healthy, soft and shiny hair we crave. Maintain a healthy diet. Drink plenty of water. Eat fruits and vegetables regularly. Use milk_shake hair care products…of course!

Take the simple approach to make any type of hair more beautiful. Each day, eat five portions of fruits and vegetables. Develop and follow a varied and balanced diet helps to maintain healthy body and hair.

There’s plenty going for us from some unexpected sources:

Berries contain beneficial bioflavonoids. These are molecules with antioxidant properties that, like vitamin C, increase blood circulation to the scalp. Check!

Spinach is rich in many resourceful elements for the body: vitamins A, C, K, calcium, magnesium, iron and folic acid. The leaf, due to these components, is naturally anti-inflammatory. A diet rich in this vegetable promotes the synthesis of sebum. This is an oily substance produced by the hair follicles, from which hair grows and works too as a truly natural conditioner.

Kiwis are a source of fiber and have double the vitamin C of oranges and much more potassium than bananas. These are truly a source of beauty.

Carrots are good for much more than just vision. These are incredibly rich in vitamin A and contain vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and fiber. We will certainly enjoy the healthy scalp.

Tomatoes, eaten raw in salads, are an excellent antioxidant that protects hair and skin.

No wonder milk_shake encourages healthy eating and the consumption of fruits and vegetables. When the body is healthy, hair will be too.

milk_shake Smoothies

milk_shake Smoothies
Join the budding color of choice revolution:
milk_shake smoothies for color brilliance,
milk_shake smoothies for delicious color.

See how these makeovers are catching on. For hairdressers and guests, the wow is back. Color has never been more appealing!

milk_shake launched a range of semi permanent color that puts serious nourishment, gloss and vitality into the hair for all to see. Treat guests to the new brilliance, and those well balanced, healthy locks.

All this sprung from the new-found Smoothies range. Mix and the match the 41 tone-on-tone color in the conditioning, ammonia-free cream.

Lighten a natural base. Play with intense, bright and natural contrasts. Achieve grey coverage up to 75%. Add tone or shade to discolored hair, or to blonde hair.

Only the freshest ingredients make the grade with concept. Each active ingredient is carefully selected for long-lasting hair health and appearance: so very manageable, vibrant and radiant.

Fruit, milk, organic honey and cocoa extracts maximize hydration. The delightful fragrances of each accent the delicious color experience.

milk_shake smoothies are easy to maintain, color perfect for guests who want the wow of brilliant color without tying up hours at the salon. Processing requires only a jiffy 5 to 30 minutes.

Smoothies, The Ingredients

Milk proteins bring about a supplemental and conditioning effect on the hair-structure, increasing volume and elasticity, repairing damaged hair.

Organic honey conditions with an emollient effect, gives shine to the hair, is protective, regenerating and vitamin-enriched, with antioxidant and elasticity properties.

Integrity 41 is an antioxidant complex to promote the durability of color, protect and repair natural and colored hair against UV radiation and harsh shampoos.

Organic sunflower oil protects and regenerates due to the richness of vitamins A, C and E. The result is soft and silky hair. The oil hydrates, nourishes and protects against damage caused by aging.

Amino acid complex reinforces hair, making the hair more elastic, easy to comb, easy to style. The complex protects against damage due to ageing, prevents breakage, reduces frizz and static electricity, increases the brightness of hair.

Papaya, strawberry, blueberry, cocoa extracts contain vitamin, emollient and antioxidant properties. These also provide anti-inflammatory, revitalizing and soothing effects.

Smoothies, The Tonal Series:

Violet series: Key ingredient and fragrance is Blueberry extract, rich in vitamins.

Chocolate series: Key ingredient and fragrance is Cocoa seed extract.  Nourishing and moisturizing, the cocoa leaves hair soft and bright with anti-aging properties. The chocolate fragrance is delicious.

Red series: Key ingredient and fragrance is Strawberry extract with mineralizing, emollient and revitalizing properties.

Copper series: Key ingredient and fragrance is Papaya extract, a strong emollient action, rich in vitamins.

Gold series: Key ingredient and fragrance is Organic Honey extract, a conditioner to increase the brightness of the hair. The extract acts as well to relax and protect the skin.

Natural series: Key ingredient and fragrance is Milk proteins, an intense conditioner at play in the white color and sweet milk fragrance.