Milk Protein Vitality

Milk Protein Vitality
What is milk protein?

We’re always looking for ways to take guests way into their world of beauty. Right? We are going to tell them what the great cut and the treatment has brought out for them. “Wow,” anyone?

Guests know hair is protein. Let them know what nutrients are in the professional products we recommend. They’re a receptive audience. They’ll be all ears.

Milk protein is incredibly nutrient rich. The amino acid content of milk contains anti-irritant and protective properties unmatched by any other protein. concept based milk_shake on whipping up the manageability and body of the hair. We love the greater hydration and elasticity. Just like all the other proteins, milk carries restructuring and healing properties which are delicately balanced. These are the building blocks in making the best use of hair care products.

Just when does hair need protein?

There is a simple test to find out if there is a lack of protein. Wet the hair, grab about an inch of between the fingers. Do the stretch test.

How hair reacts to stretching shows whether the hair needs moisture or protein. You hair needs moisture if there is no stretch at all and breaks easily, or feels extremely rough and brittle.

Protein is needed when the hair stretches a long way before reaching the breaking point, doesn’t break at all, or is limp and feels gummy.

When hair stretches just a little and returns to normal length without breaking, the party is on. The protein and moisture is in a near perfect state of balance.

How can milk benefit hair?

For hair without body, moisture, resilience, shine, length, or gloss, protein might just be what the doctor ordered. There are two main types of protein in milk: casein and whey. Both can make a difference.

A diet low in protein can cause hair to thin or fall into a dormant stage and stop growing. Who needs that? Don’t let guests forget healthy hair is a direct result of good overall health.

A nutritious diet which includes milk can result in thick, shiny hair. Proteins and lipids in milk work to strengthen hair. Calcium promotes hair growth and helps prevent hair loss.

Milk contains other hair-friendly nutrients like Vitamins A, B6, biotin and potassium. Each of these keeps hair soft and shiny.

Protein is considered one of the building blocks. You know: hair is protein. A lack of protein would normally cause thinning or disrupt normal growth.

Another element of hair is keratin. To produce keratin, the body requires sufficient levels of calcium. Present in milk, calcium stimulates the production of keratin and the hair growth process.

Top Rated concept

Top Rated concept
Tis the season to look in and around the tree for the most wanted,
top rated concept gifts in the family of hair care.
Gift others. We can gift ourselves!
Guests can’t go wrong, not with what we recommend to them.

Repairing Hair Treatment

This milk_shake gem is formulated for all chemically treated hair, and hair showing signs of natural hair damage due to environmental stress. The treatment provides deep nourishment.

We love how the milk proteins and fruit extracts revitalize hair consistency and structure. With the very first application, see the greatest shine and softness.

There’s a lot to be said about Integrity 41. The secret ingredient goes a long way to help seal in the color. Imagine hair more vital and soft than ever before to the touch.

Fine Tuning: Apply the entire contents of the phial uniformly to clean and damp hair, paying special attention to the lengths and ends. Leave on 3-5 minutes.

For Damaged Hair: Cover the hair with a plastic cap and leave under a heat source for 5-10 minutes. Then, rinse and proceed with the desired styling.

No Rinse Conditioning, Protective Foam

For all hair types, Whipped Cream is a specifically designed to be the conditioner which maintains the optimum balance of moisture. There is another perk: preserving the integrity of the color.

This is a comfortable and fast way to condition hair, creating instant softness and comb-ability without weighting hair down. Very versatile as a leave in conditioner, short circuiting the threat of static electricity and frizz. We love the pleasant fragrance of sweet milk. We love the soft, shiny, full of vitality hair.

Use: Shake well and hold the can upside down to dispense. Apply by massaging into clean and towel dried hair. Proceed with the desired styling.

Leave In Conditioner for all Hair Types

Specifically formulated to condition normal to lightly dry hair, this leave in restores the comb-ability of damaged hair following other conditioners or treatments. Leave In generates optimum balance in the moisture of the hair and outer hair protection. The milk proteins, fruit extracts, a special silicone, and hydrating and conditioning agents revitalize the hair.

Discover improved shine and extraordinary comb-ability. The Integrity 41 and the vitamin E factors guarantee a great color seal.

Use: Spray uniformly on clean and towel dried hair, especially on the most damaged areas.

ligh[10]blue powder bleach

This innovative formula opens the door for the creative hairstylist in us. In one fell swoop, create eye-catching highlights reduce yellow tones in soft, comb-able, shiny hair.

Silk proteins and an advanced cationic conditioning agent, Polyquaternium-10, allows the bonding in the creamy mixture of the conditioning agent and protein.

ligh[10]blue bleach is versatile and adaptable for every lightening technique, absolutely dust-free, easy to mix. We love the easy drip free application. The cream does not rise and maintains the degree of humidity.

no inhibition Smoothing

no inhibition Smoothing concept laboratories have formulated an innovative system for soft, straight hair. Everything we’re looking for, in just a single application, with the long lasting durability we all crave – no inhibition Smoothing.

Smoothing is an anti-frizz treatment system, brought about by the pairing of passion fruit oil with keratin. This matrix penetrates the hair. We’re in with this for the long haul. no inhibition Smoothing is suitable for every hair type, both natural and treated hair. Expect perfect results, even for hair damaged in the extreme.

The formulation is formaldehyde free and derivative free. The shampoo is equally beneficial, being salt and paraben free. There’s a very special alchemy at work. Each one of the six products contains the repairing strength of organic passion fruit oil.

Maracuja is a plant native to South America. Turns out, Maracuja is concentrated energy: rich in sugars, vitamins, mineral salts iron and phosphorus potassium. There are anti-oxidant properties at work. The composition of the passion fruit seeds oil is rich in fat acids and contains omega-6, to turn hair softer, hydrated, silky to the max.

Recommended smoothing:

Preparing Shampoo is a keratin pre-treatment alkaline shampoo. This works as a cleansing agent to rid the hair of styling products, residuals and chlorine. It cleanses deeply and gently, keeping hair hydration balanced.

The keratin of low-molecular weight, contained in the product, penetrates the hair shaft through the open cuticles to boost the internal hair structure. This lays the ground work for the filler treatment.

Filler is a keratin professional anti-frizz intensive treatment. Silicones combine with the keratin of high and low molecular weight. This smoothing treatment is an easy process. Keratins and passion fruit oil bind to the hair to nourish and restructure internally, and externally, for long lasting smoothness.

Don’t be shocked by the extreme softness and shine. There’s no excess volume and frizz. Filler protects the hair against humidity. This treatment lasts for weeks, easily.

Re-Filler Shampoo is an anti-frizz treatment. Free of sulfate, salts and parabens, this maintainer shampoo cleanses the hair gently. The formulation nourishes and maintains the hair treated professionally with Filler. Re-Filler hydrates, conditions and eliminates frizz, leaving hair extremely soft and bright.

Re-Filler Conditioner cleanses the hair gently, thanks to the sulfate, salts and parabens free formulation. The conditioner nourishes and instantly maintains the hair professionally treated with Filler. The conditioner hydrates, conditions and eliminates the frizzy effect immediately, leaving hair extremely soft and bright and preserving color integrity.

Maracuja Protective Oil is for all hair types. The unique formulation with passion fruit oil conditions and protects the hair, for a healthy look and makes hair soft, voluminous and incredibly shiny.

Final Protector is the answer to subdue the heat of straightening irons and adds a shine of radiance. The special formulation with passion fruit oil conditions the hair. What do you get? Only the silky and shiny.

the search for smoothing perfection is over

milk_shake Holiday Gift Sets

milk_shake Holiday Gift Sets
Give the gift of beautiful hair with milk_shake Holiday Gift Sets

Hair care gifts are the best thing to give to a friend, especially when it’s no secret: They tend to obsess over hair. Obsessive relatives too! Who’s more obsessive than your salon guests? Only ourselves! Look in the mirror.

We all are dreaming of beautiful hair for the holiday season! For women who really like to pamper themselves, milk_shake has the Holiday Gift Sets. Treat them. milk_shake put a lot of thought into selecting these holiday gifts. To max out the holiday spirit, they chose the perfect combinations. Colored hair, dry and damaged hair, hair that is washed frequently – all of these require specially created products for special hair needs. milk_shake has the beautiful perfect.

Repair Trio is the ultimate milk_shake holiday gift set for those who have not yet found the heart to change things for the better, starting with instant hair repair.

  • Integrity nourishing shampoo works wonders to nourish, condition and protect all hair types with the gentle, sulfate free formula.
  • Integrity nourishing conditioner preserves the integrity of the hair color, all the while conditioning and nourishing way above the norm.
  • Incredible milk is the best selling, multi award winning hair fluid. This is a special product with an even dozen 12 hair transforming properties.

A clever multi-tasker, milk protects against harmful UV rays, maintains color, repairs all hair types, acts as a heat protector, detangles and maintains style. As a miracle treatment, milk goes even further to add maximum shine to locks, to create body and volume, to control frizz!

Color Trio: Tell everyone that their search is over. Direct them to the perfect gift for every girl with colored hair! This set includes the best selling color maintainer shampoo, the color maintainer conditioner and the award winning leave in conditioner. Leave in brings even more as a detangler with a unique scent.

Daily Trio is the perfect daily hair fix, perfect for hair that needs the daily washing ritual. You know, especially those guests who get into the gym or swim every day. It’s important, even for absolute party animals too, to treat fragile hair carefully. That’s the case with the gentle and protective frequent formula. Daily frequent shampoo and conditioner leaves hair deeply cleansed, vibrant, protected against color fade, and healthy inside out. Whipped cream protects, nourishes and conditions color treated hair.

Choose from one of the milk_shake bestselling Duo Gift Boxes.

  • Color Care: color maintainer shampoo and color maintainer conditioner
  • Daily Care: daily frequent shampoo and daily frequent conditioner
  • Damage Repair: integrity nourishing shampoo and integrity nourishing conditioner



milk_shake Energizing

milk_shake Energizing
From milk_shake:
Energizing blend shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment
for thicker, fuller looking hair

Men and women alike are increasingly concerned about the health of their hair. They are really paying more attention to the must-have attractions:


What we do, as hairdressers, to help enhance the look makes our guests feel better and takes their quality of life to the supreme and sublime. Guests turn to us to shake things up.

To do just that, we have a new go-to. concept has a new beauty solution: three new innovative formulas to energize thin, weak and fragile hair. Oh yeah, let’s z-energize!

Energizing blend is designed to stimulate hair growth for more density. Could anyone ask for anything more from a new invigorating experience than pumping energy into scalp, hair and body?

For fine, thinning and fragile hair, the shampoo cleanses deeply and gently and the conditioner hydrates, detangles, softens without weighing down the hair. Hair thickener scalp treatment is an energizing and fortifying lotion to restore fullness, thickness, and luster to fine, thinning and fragile hair.

In the conception and creation of this trio of newcomers, harnessed the natural powers in organic rosemary, sage and Firovanti balm extract. These three components extract purifies, fortifies hair and stimulates the micro-circulation of the scalp to create an optimal environment for new growth.

The blend of botanical extracts and special conditioners invigorates the hair stem to bring out the softness. Panthenol gives more density to the hair. Essential oils and eucalyptus instill a pleasant energizing feeling. The scalp is refreshed.

A presence in all three formulas, organic rosemary is known for its energizing properties, stimulates follicles to aid natural growth. Rosemary promotes the oxygenation of tissues, with a tonic, antiseptic and purifying effect. Sage has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and deodorizing properties.

Fioravanti balm is a potion obtained from 10 different plants with unique refreshing, stimulating and toning properties. A naturally derived glycerin has moisturizing, hydrating and volumizing effects.

Eucalyptus refreshes, tones, protects and soothes. Panthenol pro vitamin B5 densifies, hydrates and conditions. The mix of 11 essential oils produces a natural scent, energizes, stimulates and purifies.

Application of the treatment: Open vial and attach the applicator tip. Apply to clean hair and scalp in sections. Gently massage for a few minutes.Apply with a light pressure, using the fingertips and palms of the hand in a circular motion to make the most of the micro-circulation. Do not rinse. Proceed with styling.

Recommended: Use the treatment lotion twice each week for four weeks. Each vial contains two doses. Continue use once each week as a maintaining treatment. For intensive treatment, use once each day.