milk_shake Dream Hair Color

milk_shake Dream Hair Color
The guide to achieving your dream hair color:

Finding a hair color to recommend for the guest’s complexion, enhance their hairstyle and compliment their personality is not always so simple. There is so much to consider to achieve their dream hair color.

milk_shake has a magnificent choice of hair colors that our expert colorists can recommend. By following some simple steps, we can lead our guests by the hand to unique signature hair color and make sure they hair always looks in great condition.

Do your research. Be that trusted colorist. For the guest, that’s brilliant news when they discover you and your salon.  Be the creative one in the equation. Be the one who understands their needs.

Listen. Take in what the guest tells you. Listen in on your colleagues and guests, especially those whose color you love. Check out web salon pages for examples and reviews.

Take inspiration from magazines, fashion house advertising campaigns, the latest celebrity styles and the runways.  The internet is a powerful weapon when researching new looks and styles and is a brilliant tool to help you find your perfect brand of hair color.

Master the consultation. We want the guest to be very honest with us. Be just as honest with them. Make sure you have an understanding of their hair color; past and present. Let them know what home haircare products would be the best for them.

Explain regular color maintenance. Remind them of what lifestyle circumstances can work against the color and condition of their hair. You know…all those visits to the swimming pool, a habit of shampooing washing every day, even the length of time their hair is scorched by the sun.

Go the distance, in between visits. The milk_shake world believes treating hair with care and respect is essential when prolonging that gorgeous color. Ensure their dream hair color looks good in between salon visits by recommending the use of professional color care products at home.

This practice works wonders to preserve the color and protect hair from direct sunlight and those pesky UV sprays. Make it a point to get the guest to opt for the in-salon treatment to lock in the color and offer those power blasts of moisture and nutrients in the milk_shake color maintainer products,  to keep healthy looking hair in vogue for them.

Cocktails a la milk_shake

Cocktails milk_shake

Dreaming of a quick pampering session at lunchtime? You’re not alone! More and more, women are using lunch time to prepare for a festive event, evening date or upcoming vacation. Thankfully, milk_shake offers express color and shine hair treatments, in the form of cocktails, that leaves hair looking gorgeous, smelling divine.

Twenty minutes! That’s all it takes to inject real life into the guest’s locks with a hair care reviving treatment. The Argan Cocktail adds hydration and shine.

The Direct Color cocktail is a conditioning, color reviving treatment. Spin out the delicious smelling hair cocktails, in front of your guest. Serve in super cute martini glasses. Here’s the Wow!

milk_shake Direct Color Cocktail

There are guests who want to try the latest hair color trends, and yet afraid to take a bold move. The color has faded for others, except there’s no time for a color appointment. Seize the day. Recommend they let you, their 20-minute expert, play some with the color cocktails. Let them know this is a treatment which has the vibrant color for the perfect color refresher.

This color treatment, which is available in the smorgasbord of 18 inter-mixable shades, fuses milk_shake’s conditioning whipped cream with the direct color shade of their choice.

Quick work:  Leave in for 10 minutes, rinse well, blow-dry. Now, they are more than good to go. The end result is healthy hair with the delicious scent and shiny color.

milk_shake Argan Cocktail

Greek yogurt swirled with honey has nothing on this cocktail. Well, these do look quite a bit alike. Created with milk_shake’s bestselling conditioning whipped cream, these cocktails are laced with the lightweight glistening argan oil.

Guests with dry and dehydrated strands can appreciate the difference. This unique nourishing treatment is a standout treatment.

Milk-derived proteins strengthen hair. Another perk is the repairing properties of the argan oil, which even acts as a shield from the sun’s rays. There’s anti-aging action too due to the golden oil from Morocco.

How it works: Simply apply this no-rinse cocktail to clean damp hair, blow-dry and you are ready to go. The end result is healthy, shiny and silky hair with delicious scent. Fast! Quick!

milk_shake direct color

Innovative and gentle cosmetic coloring performs color services with excellent results. Totally ammonia and peroxide free, Direct Color respects hair structure without alteration. All shades are intermixable, formulated with tested high quality pigments.


  • Highlight natural or colored hair
  • Hide the first grey hair
  • Introduce guests to color services
  • Complement other professional technical services
  • Tone bleached or highlighted hair
  • Intensify a shade after other color services
  • Color correction or restoring

milk_shake Argan Oil

milk_shake Argan Oil

Argan oil range is for the guests who are really ready to go out of their way to make their hair irresistible. Isn’t that just about everybody? This line of products from milk_shake is suitable for every hair type: normal, dry, tired, dull. Suitable, because argan strengthens and hydrates.

Argan nourishes the hair fibers and calls out the fantastic shine and flexibility, besides combating the split ends and the drying. Argan takes great care of everyone’s hair and should because of the close attention milk_shake pays to the ingredients in the formulation.

Argan oil is a natural oil obtained from the seed of a type of tree, argania spinosa, which grows in Morocco, extracted in a natural process of cold pressing. This oil has a high content of fatty acids with nourishing and repairing properties which benefit skin and hair. There is a strong anti-aging action. Argan naturally protects hair from sun rays.

There is a rich formulation which is delicate for skin and hair. The Argan range fulfills the purpose of the cleansing, conditioning and finishing objectives of hair care.

Argan shampoo, for all hair types:

  • Sulphate-free and salt-free!
  • Cleanses delicately, due to the unique argan oil formula.
  • Hydrates, conditions, nourishes immediately. Eliminates frizz. Leaves the hair soft and bright, preserving the color integrity.
  • Delicate cleansers have a gentle and natural cleansing action on scalp and hair, and preserve the color of the hair.
  • Organic argan oil, due to the nourishing, repairing, anti-age and protective properties, helps maintain soft and shiny hair.
  • Conditioning agents hydrate and produces remarkable softness, eliminating the frizzy effect and static electricity.
  • Silk rice and soya proteins act on both the inner and outer parts of the hair, strengthening and protecting the structure and improving the condition of damaged hair.

Argan deep treatment, for all hair types

  • Nourishing specific formula eliminates frizz
  • Closes the cuticles and gives hair softness, shine and comb-ability, preserving color integrity.
  • Contains urea, a humectants substance which provides continuous hydration to scalp and hair.
  • Wheat proteins deeply and instantly restructure the hair inside and out, eliminating frizz, making hair more resistant to chemical treatments.
  • Organic Argan oil, due to the nourishing, repairing, anti-age and protective properties, helps maintain soft and shiny hair.
  • Contains Vitamin E for anti-oxidant and protective effects.

Glistening Argan Oil, for all hair types

  • The unique formula with Argan oil conditions, nourishes the hair immediately and brings out a healthy appearance and a soft, voluminous and bright effect.
  • Due to the nourishing, repairing, anti-age and protective properties, organic Argan oil helps maintain soft and shiny hair.
  • A special mix of conditioning volatile silicons leaves the hair beautiful, from the first application.’s Natural Care

Natural Care concept devised the most natural way to nourish and to promote the well being of hair: The Natural Care Masks. Let guests know about the rush of seeing, for themselves, the transformation come alive.

milk_shake guarantees regeneration of hair structure, especially in damaged hair. There is increased volume with the first application.

  • By the 3rd or 4th application, as clinically tested in Italy, guests will see there is a progressive restructuring at work.
  • Increased hair volume becomes visible following the first week of use.
  • Increased shine becomes noticeable after one week of use.
  • Increased hair smoothness is visible after the first week of use.
  • There is a 25% increase in hair diameter.

These four masks suit every hair type. Milk mask is for dry and damaged hair, yogurt mask for normal or colored hair, cocoa mask for normal or course hair, papaya mask for fine or dull hair.

Guest will see immediate improvement at application: improved internal structure, superior strength and shine, added volume and shine, superior moisturization and smoothness.

Milk is just about the first natural resource of nourishment from birth and infancy, containing the necessary proteins, amino acids, essential fatty acids and vitamins. Natural Care milk mask powder protein compound, combined with Natural Care mask base, concentrates these nutrients into a deep treatment, to nourish and bring out the shine and softness.

Humans have consumed yogurt for centuries. Yogurt is rich in nourishing proteins, lactic acid and vitamins. Natural Care yogurt mask and the mask base nourishes. The acidity of the yogurt mask compound helps to protect hair color, improve the appearance of the natural and cosmetic hair color.

Cocoa brings the enticing, exotic taste and is a natural anti-oxidant as well with a strong nourishing effect on the hair. Natural Care cocoa mask powder compound combines with the mask base to make the most of the benefits of cocoa and the delicious scent, providing nourishment and shiny, soft hair.

Papaya is a tropical fruit with a unique taste and rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Natural Care papaya mask compound combines with the mask base for a deep treatment. The result is seen in the revitalizing and the hydrating of the hair as the mask improves the appearance, shine and softness of the hair.

milk_shake supplies the sweetness of nature for the health and beauty of the hair. Natural ingredients bring out gorgeous hair and the divine fragrance.

The How To: Whip up the mask powder of choice in a bowl with the special restructurizing mask base, to create a creamy strand smoothie. Apply to damp hair. Leave in for 5 – 10 minutes. Comb, and rinse, to reveal soft, shiny hair.

How Do You

How Do You

By Scott Coolidge

Our industry has been through so many changes in the last few years. Guests want to make sure they’re getting what they are paying for.

What can we do to make sure we’re providing the best possible service? What steps can we take to keep them in our salons, and be more profitable? concept offers every option that we as service providers might need to do just that!

Angela came to us with thirsty and curly hair. I chose to use Cocoa Natural Mask by milk_shake. Cocoa imparts moisture, shine, and life to dull hair.

Simply mix fifteen grams of cocoa powder with sixty grams of natural mask base. Stir until you have a beautiful cake batter consistency.

Part the hair into four sections and apply, starting at the ends and work towards the scalp. Once you’ve applied the mask, process for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse until the water runs clean, and towel dry.

I applied Incredible Milk leave-in to detangle her hair. Incredible Milk has twelve different effects to take care of a guest’s hair.

1. Repair  

2. Protect from UV

3. Protects color

4. Protects from heat damage  

5. Detangles 

6. Maintains life of style

7. Gives shine  

8. Adds volume  

9. Controls frizz   

10. Prevents split end

11. Helps to smooth hair  

12. Soothes the cuticle

The stylist then gave Angela one of our flexible movement hair cuts. Finally, I applied No Inhibition Smoothing Cream to the mids and ends and combed through. 

Using our fast finishing technique, I finished her blow out in fifteen minutes!